Monday, 23 November 2015

Song of the Week #88

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday! As it is Monday it is song of the week time, and this week's song is another guest post, it comes all the way from Thailand!
Hello, Zoe here. Joanne asked me to pick this weeks song, and I have gone for I'll Show You by Justin Bieber. I actually surprised myself with this choice, I grew up listening to a lot of Justin Timberlake, and firmly believed that he was the only Justin for me, but the new music from Justin Bieber has really changed my mind. When I was home last month I heard What Do You Mean a lot on the radio and loved it and so when this new album came out I actually paid attention, and love it! This song it so good, it has such a good beat to it. I am actually considering buying the album it is that good!!
What do you think of Zoe's choice? I am a big fan of Justin's new music! Let me know
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