Monday, 30 November 2015

Recap: November Playlist

Hey Guys

Happy Monday! Hope you are all having a great day, I am actually off to Rome today so look out for many Rome related Tweets, photos & Snapchats while I'm away! Anyway, normally it would be song of the week time, but as it is the end of the month, it is recap and playlist time! 
One of my favourite songs from Ellie's new album, it is just so upbeat and happy, it makes you feel good! This song really is lovely.

This song marked the first of my guest posts. My dad picked this song, he just loves Disclosure casue he's not a regular Dad, he's a cool Dad!

This song was picked by Paige, and I glad she did pick it, I know can't stop listening to this song it is so good. And she was right, Alessia Cara is just so effortlessly cool!

Zoe picked this song, and it is amazing. This song is just really good, actually his whole album is really good, I am in complete agreement with Zoe that this is a great tune!

I also thought I would start including my album of the month to this post. This month my album of the month has to be Delirium by Ellie Goulding. It is so good, there are so many great songs on there it is hard to pick a favourite, I think this might be my favourite Ellie album and I love them all, there just isn't a bad song on it!
Finally, here is my playlist, again it is one of my favourite playlists I've made, there so much variety on it! Enjoy! x

What have been your songs of the month? Let me know! 
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