Sunday, 22 November 2015

My Week In Photos #9

Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday!! Hope you are all having a lovely evening, and had a great week. As it is Sunday, it is time for my week in photos.
Sunday meant 1 thing, naps! I mean I am the queen of them, so it would be silly not to really!!

Monday was a really busy day at work, which resulted in a very tired Joanne! So I had a very early night, while also attempting to keep as warm as possible!

 Tuesday was another early night for me, but I took my boyfriend Ryan Gosling to bed with me. I also had Hasley's new album on repeat, it is so good!!
 Pip was in the office on Wednesday, which meant I got cuddles and even a selfie. Paige came round on Wednesday evening and we had a big clear out of my wardrobe, which was tough but good. We also found loads of old photos of me and my parents including this one of me and my dad at Disneyland Paris!
Anna our boss was up from Sheffield today, so we had lots of food in the office including coffee & cake from Mimi's. We then had a work dinner out, which was great!

 I had a great blogger event on Friday which was a lot of fun. It is always so good to catch up with my fellow bloggers.
 We even went out for some drinks and food after the event!
I finally got my hair done yesterday!! It has been needing done for ages, and it is just finding the time to do it! I then had a very relaxed night in by myself with Maus!

What have you been up to this week? Let me know!
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