Sunday, 15 November 2015

My Week in Photos #8

Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday! Hope you've all had a great week & weekend. As it is Sunday, it is time for my a little look at my week in photos!
 Sunday was quite lazy, I was still recovering from my flu, so did spend a lot of the day in bed, before sitting down to watch The Hunt on BBC 1 with the family, which is amazing!! Sadly, all my weekend sleeping resulted in me struggling to get to sleep on Sunday night, not ideal for work on Monday morning!
 After finally getting to sleep on Sunday night, I was actually feeling pretty god on Monday. I had my lovely ASOS knee high boots on and Pip the Dog was in the office, it was a pretty good day!
 Tuesday was another busy day at work, and then I came home to this little cutie! She spent a good hour playing hide & seek with me, which is so funny! I also got this cute new phone case from Skinny Dip which has Mercat's on it!!!!
 Wednesday, was a very chilly day which meant a lot of tea, in the office! It was also a day of cheese eating as me and my dad aim to finish the cheese my grandparents brought us back from France. It is good!!
Thursday was mother daughter night out. Me, Paige and Mum all went and got our nails done at nails inc (monthly mani post to come this week) and then had dinner out together. It was so much fun, will definitely become a more regular thing I think.
 Friday started out really good, I mean my outfit was on point...and then just got very stressful. I mean it was Friday the 13th after all!
 We then heard about the horrible attacks in Paris and I was completely shocked, I just don't understand what goes through peoples minds that they would want to do such terrible things!
 Saturday was a brother sister day, we went to Sainsbury's and got a Mog toy from their new Christmas advert, which is my favourite of the year. We also got cookie making things and made triple chocolate cookies!
 We also picked up a couple of cat related things for the house, including this cute cushion, and a Christmas pudding outfit for Maus which she looks adorable in!!
And that has been my week, busy busy as always!

What have you guys been up to? Let me know! 
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