Sunday, 1 November 2015

My Week In Photos #6

Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday! It has been another busy week, which is why you are getting two posts in one day, I do need to get better at posting and will aim to get better this month I swear. Anyways, here is all I got up too this week!
After all of Sean's Birthday celebrations it was a very relaxed Sunday, I caught up on all my tv shows, including Grey's Anaotmy.

Monday was all about James Bond, me and Paige headed to see Spectre and it was amazing! 

I had a really busy day at work so came home and pretty much got straight into my jammies, pretty sure I was in bed before 10.

Thursday was another busy work day, but it was made a little less stressful when one of the people we were having a meeting with brought us Halloween themed scones!

After work on Friday I headed straight to Costco for pizza and then to Paige's for a night of American Horror Story & Pumpkin carving, can you guess which one is mine?!
Saturday - Halloween
Halloween is one of my favourite times of year, it is just so fun. 
I headed out with Laura and some other friends to 99 Hanover Street to celebrate not only Halloween but also our friend Daniela's birthday. I dressed as a cat, I know not scary, but what else would the crazy cat lady go as?!?! It was such a good night, so good I ended up walking halfway home shoeless...again!
That is all I have been up to this week, what did you guys do for halloween? Let me know!
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