Sunday, 29 November 2015

My Week in Photos #10

Hey Guys,

Hope you have all had a great week & weekend. As it is Sunday it is time for my week in photos.
Sunday was a busy blog day, and I got loads done! I also got to speak to Zoe in Thailand which was lovely!

Work was busy as always, but good busy. I then headed to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 with Paige. I loved it, but I am now very sad that the franchise is over, they were so good! I came home to find my mum had made my bed and put a hot water bottle in it too. Just when I'm ready to move out, my mum gives me another reason to stay!
 Another great day at work, we are starting to get in the Christmas spirit, although the weather has been horrible. What better way to warm yourself up of an evening than with a warm winter cider?!
I have completely fallen in love with these boots and have not stopped wearing them, they have been my got to shoe all week!

 After another busy day at work I headed to Paige's for 'Friendsgiving' dinner! We had such a feast!
 We had mac n cheese, veggies & garlic bread. We do this every year on Thanksgiving we have a little feast and watch Gossip Girl and just relax, it was perfect!
I didn't finish work till well after 6 on Friday to make sure everything was sorted, but I am now officially on holiday! And what better way to celebrate than biscuits and an early night...I am that rock & roll!

 I spent Saturday with my mum. It was just the two of us (three if you count Maus) and we just had a really relaxing day in the house together.
 Think Fire on, Strictly Come Dancing & Maus cudddles, in other words the perfect chilled night in!
And that was my week, next week I am in Rome with Paige, I'm so excited! 
What have you guys been up to? Let me know!
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