Sunday, 25 October 2015

My Week in Photos #5

Hey Guys!
Happy Sunday! Hope you've had a great weekend and enjoyed your extra hour in bed this morning. As it is Sunday, here is a little look into what I have been up to all week.
Sunday was a fun night in our house. We had some family friends over for dinner, which meant my dad made some amazingly tasty food, including this Beef Bourguignon!

It was back to work for me on Monday morning, and it was also freezing in the office, luckily I had my trusty work slippers to keep me cosy.

It was another cold day on Tuesday, which meant I got my hat out! If there is one thing I love about winter it is the fact that it is hat season!

On Wednesday I was at Paige's catching up on Scream Queens & American Horror Story. We also made cookies, which were very tasty.

 Thursday was a bit bittersweet. Me, Paige & Zoe went out for dinner at Jamie's Italian and had an amazing evening but it was kinda sad as it was our last supper as a group before Zoe heads back to Thailand after being home for a month.
 I have really enjoyed having her home and she has promised to be home in May for good, and it was a pinky promise so if she breaks it we all know what is gonna happen!!
Friday was all about listening to Adele on repeat, cause it is just amazing!! I then had a quiet night in with champagne watching Skyfall.
 Yesterday was all about this little baby, my brother Sean turned 16 yesterday!!
 Although, I didn't actually get dressed properly till much later in the day! I even drove around in my pj's yesterday!
 We headed to TGI Fridays for dinner and I have the most amazing main course, it had chicken & tortillas and salsa and cheese on it, it was amazing!
What have you been up to this weekend? Let me know.
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