Sunday, 18 October 2015

My Week in Photos #4

Hey Guys!
Hope you are all having a great Sunday! Can you believe that another week as over. It has been so busy! Here is this week in photos!
After a very busy weekend last week (check last weeks post for all details) I spent most of the day relaxing in my brand new sweatpants before heading to Paige's for Grey's Anatomy and food! 

It was so cold on Monday, autumn is definitely upon us. I even had to break out the winter socks!!

Another busy day at work, helped by my homemade smoothie lovingly made by my dad! Fun fsct, he also makes me lunches for me, the perks of living at home!

I had a day off on Wednesday, which meant I got a lie in. I did have to go to the doctor though about my skin on my neck as it had gotten so much worse!

Was such a busy day I didn't even have time to take any photos!

 My Friday started off with cuddles with this little one, she refused to let me leave for work. It continued to be a pretty good day, I ate a whole pack of strawbs at work and had a lovely chilled out evening!
Saturday was spent at Peebles Hydro with my mum. I got her a spa day for Christmas and this week we finally used it!
We spent the day getting pampered with massages and relaxing. We also got afternoon tea which included Gin & Tonic in a teapot!
All in all a pretty good week!

What have you guys been up to? Let me know.
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