Thursday, 10 September 2015

Daddy Daughter Concert

Hey Guys! 

If you remember back in June I was meant to be seeing the Foo Fighters but Dave Grohl broke his leg (I did get to see Taylor Swift, which was also great, post here). Well, this week if was finally time that I got to see them!
 I had bought these tickets for my dad's Christmas, and we were both really excited especially after having to wait extra long. We had got standing/lower bowl tickets and when we got to the stadium we were given a Foo Fighters band, so we could easily get in and out of the arena. We had made the choice to sit in the lower bowl, I'm not a big fan of the concert squash, and we actually got a better view.
We missed the first support act Honeyblood, but we did manage to see the second support who were Royal Blood, and were amazing. I am a fan of them anyway, but they were amazing live. For only two guys they make a lot of noise!!
 After Royal Blood, there was the compulsory wait for the crew to set the stage and the band to come on, but they didn't keep us waiting for long. They were so good from the off, and although Dave Grohl was still in a cast he was still able to be the legend that he is! He had had a special thrown made for him which moved on wheels up and down the stage runway!! I mean they guy is just so cool!
 I really enjoyed the gig, it was so much fun and the band really got the crowd going. Everyone was singing along and joining in with chants started by Dave himself. I think my favourite song was Best of You which they played near the end. The crowd were really into it that at one point the band weren't even playing and the crowd just sang for them. It was incredible.
 As with every concert I got my t-shirt, but the band really played on the whole broken leg thing, having t-shirts which said 'Break a Leg', pictures of the x-ray of Dave's leg and even having the tour date being called 'The Broken Leg Tour' which I thought was really funny.
I am so glad we finally got to see them, I think my dad really enjoyed himself, I mean I did get these for him. It was quite nice to spend time with him too, it was just so much fun. I am now listening to the Foo Fighters on repeat they put on a really good song.

Have you ever seen the band before? Were you there on Tuesday? Let me know.
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