Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Silver Lining to the Lack of Foo Fighters

Hey Guys!

Remember on Monday I said (in my song of the week post) that although I wasn't getting to see the Foo Fighters play on Tuesday I did have a silver lining. That silver lining came in the form of the very lovely Taylor Swift!!
Me and Paige had actually managed to get these tickets a while ago, but then I realised that it clashed with the Foo Fighters, so sold my ticket to Paige's cousin. When it was announced that the rest of the Foo Fighters tour was cancelled I wasn't going to ask for my ticket back form Abbey (Paige's Cousin) it didn't seem fair, she had bought the ticket and was probably looking forward to it, but I got a text from Paige saying Abbey is happy to give me my ticket back and I was so grateful to her because she really didn't have to do that, which meant that I wasn't as disappointed about the lack of Foo Fighters because at least I'd get to see Taylor.
I have seen Taylor before in London, but it was nothing like this one. We got there to be shown to our seats which were pretty much next to the runway section of the stage, we were so close to the stage, which made it even more exciting. We had seen info that told us that they played a Calvin Harris song and then Taylor would come on, so as soon as Feel So Close came on through the arena me and Paige were so excited. 
She opened with Welcome to New York and New Romantics and from the first song we sang our hearts out, and lost our voices. She is always so full of energy and makes you feel so happy that I couldn't help but smile all the way through the concert.
I was so amazed as to how close we were to her, I swear we made eye contact quite a few times. She performed all of 1989 as well as some older songs such as Love Story. I honestly can't pick my favourite song because it was all just amazing!!
Taylor is great at chatting to the crowd, she has the ability to make you feel like she is talking to you personally and that you are actually friends with her. I left the concert feeling like part of her friend group. This was also helped by the fact that she had clips of her friends like Selena and Lena Dunham talking about her and the album during costume changes. She also had a hilarious video of her with her two cats Meredith (named after Dr Meredith Grey) and Olivia ( named after Detective Olivia Benson) which was absolutely hilarious and just made me love her even more.
She ended with Shake it off, and it was just amazing! We were all dancing and having so much fun, we left on a complete high. As with all concerts I got a t-shirt, going for this simple black one with Taylor Swift written on it and the tour dates on the back. I also got a 1989 key ring.
I am a huge Taylor fan but this was one of the best concerts I have ever been to, she is so energetic and fun, it intoxicating! Although I am sad I missed the Foo Fighters, I am happy I got the chance to see this. If I am honest I don't think I can put it into words how amazing the night was, I just was in awe.
Are any of you guys a Taylor fan? Have you seen her before? Let me know.
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  1. I'm so jealous - I can imagine Taylor is phenomenal live!

  2. her show seems awesome, glad you had fun!

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