Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Honeymoon Tour

Hey Guys!

Happy Wednesday, hope your week is going good so far. If you remember I mentioned in the this weeks "song of the week" post that I was off to see Ariana Grande on Monday night. I really enjoyed it, so obviously I had to share!!
I have always really liked Ariana Grande, I think she has an amazing voice and really great songs, so when I knew she was going on tour I was really excited to try and get tickets. As always, I went with Paige.
We were on the floor level of The Hydro in Glasgow and really close to the front (it was seated so we didn't have to push our way forward which I liked), we had such a great view. She started the show with Bang Bang and from that moment it was a really fast paced, feel good show. I was really surprised how goof her vocals are live, I mean it must be hard to hit some of the really high notes time and time again. She didn't have too many costume changes, which I liked. The set was simple, a lot of lights, but nothing too fancy. During Best Mistake she was in the air on a giant cloud, and at one point she was on a big chandelier.
My favourite song was definitely Best Mistake, I just loved it. She had Big Sean on the big screens when it was his verse and it was just lovely. She was just so good, and you couldn't help but smile while she was singing songs like One Last Time and Break Free, it was just such a feel good concert. 
As with all the concerts I go to, I have to get a tour t-shirt I went for this simple grey one that has The Honeymoon Tour on the front and then the tour dates on the back (photo from my Instagram)
I also got some lacy cat ears (although they look a bit like bunny ears) which I thought were really cute, so couldn't resist. (another picture from Instagram)
All in all this was such a great gig, and would highly recommend seeing her live if you get a chance. If you are a fan of Ariana I though I would also include a playlist of the setlist (which I found on spotify thanks to some other lovely fan).
Have any of you seen her? What did you think? Let me know! 
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