Saturday, 13 June 2015

Sunglass Love

Hey Guys!

I love sunglasses, if I could wear them all year round I would, at the first sign of sunshine I get mine on. Bearing that in mind I thought I'd share with you my current go-to sunnies as well as a pair I'm lusting after.
Big 60's Sunglasses (Bird on a Wire Vintage):
I really love these, they are a bit of fun, and really cute. I don't normally go for big sunglasses, but I though especially with the 60's and the 70's trends coming back in, I need glasses to match. They are a great tortoise shell colour and I just love the cat eye shape.
 Smaller Cat-Eye Sunglasses (Depop):
Since the sun came out these are actually the pair I've been reaching for more and more, I just really like wearing them. They are a similar shape to the ones before, but much smaller, so they are easier to wear with more. Again, they are tortoise-shell (you are probably starting to see a theme here) and are just super comfortable. They go with so many things, I am so glad I got them.
My Trusty Ray-Ban Wayfarer's (ASOS):
I have had these since I was about 17, they were a present that my mum and dad while we were in Antigua and I honestly still love them as much as I did when I first bought them. They are again a tortoise-shell kinda colour...shocker, and are really comfortable. They have a polarised lens' so the sun really doesn't hurt my eyes at all, and because the lens isn't huge I can have them on in the sun and not get funny tan lines on my face. They will forever be my favourites!
LUST: Celine Sunglasses (
I mean who wouldn't want these, they are amazing!! Again, tortoise shell, which is what I like in sunnies, but I also love the detail in these. I have a funny feeling that I may be saving up for these, cause I just love them!
So those are just some of my favourite sunglasses, yes I like tortoise-shell. I think it is such a great colour, it goes with everything. For the eagle-eyed amongst you, yes I did shoot this and Thursdays outfit pot on the same day, I also just really like this outfit, so best to make the most of it! 

What are your favourite sunglasses? Let me know!
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