Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Boozy Cow

Hey Guys!

I found another fun new restaurant and had to share. This one is called The Boozy Cow and it is on Fredrick Street.
I went here with my friend from uni, Kate, we have a regular catch up and this time it was my turn to pick where we go so I suggested this place based on what I had heard from friends. It used to be Amicus Apple, which I had been to, but it looks completely different you wouldn't even know they had been the same place.
It is very dark inside, but not too dark that you can't see and it has lots of cool graffiti/street art all over the walls. I really liked it inside. The menu isn't huge, it is just burgers mainly (kinda like Just Burgers and Beers, but with a much smaller menu). It does have a great cocktail menu, I had two, a House Martini and and Pink Angel, and Kate was happy as they did Hendrick's Gin so she had a Gin and tonic.
In terms of food, as I said the menu wasn't huge so I went for a chipolte chicken burger, which was really good, and Kate went for a cheese burger which she said was yummy We also shared a portion of chilli cheese fries which were amazing! We then shared the only pudding they do which is called a Chocolate Stampede and has loads of yummy stuff in it including ice cream, cookie dough, raspberries and cream, it was really good.
I did really enjoy this restaurant but I would have liked more pudding choice, and if I was going to pick a burger restaurant I would always go to Just Burgers & Beers first. However, The boozy Cow was really nice and I did love the cocktails and the atmosphere of the place, so I will go back. I think it would be a great place to get a post shopping drink!

Do you like the sound of this place? Let me know!
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  1. Awesome post! I love all the photos!
    Would you like us to follow eachother on GFC and keep in touch?
    Have a nice day,
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo


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