Saturday, 4 April 2015

London Haul

Hey Guys!!

Hope you have been having a nice week so far. Now, we all know I'm a shopaholic, so there's no surprise that we did a bit of shopping, I did go a little bit wild though!! 
This is a shop I have never shopped in, but always liked. There was a new store opened just next to where we were staying, so I had to have a little look.
Striped Top: The first thing I got was this slouchy grey stripped top. I just think this is a great staple to have, it will go with so many things. It is really soft, I can't wait to wear it! 
Button detail top: I then got this really got navy jumper which has a silk back and really cute button detail. Again another great staple. I just love the detail on this top, it is almost un-noticable, it is so subtle and that's why I like it.
I also got a free canvas shopper which is great, lucky me!

As we all know I have a Topshop related illness, but I am actually surprised that I didn't get more. It is so easy to go completely wild in the Oxford Circus store, there are just so many things!
Star Earring: I have had the cartilage in the top of my ear pierced for ages, but only ever had a couple of proper earrings for it. The Oxford Circus store sells these type of earrings and I loved this one. Th star goes at the back of the ear so you don't always notice it, and it is just love it!
Belly Bar: I have also got my belly button pierced, I have only had it for about 6 months, but am now allowed to change it, so have been looking for a new bar. As soon as I saw this one in the store I was drawn to it, I just think it is really pretty, plus it kinda looks like a disco ball.
Flats: I have been looking for a new pair of black flats for ages, I was finding that they either didn't fit or I didn't like them. I saw these ones an instantly liked them, and just hoped the fitted. Luckily they did so I got them, simple.
Dress: This is actually a re-purchase. I ordered this online and when they sent it, it still had the security tag in it, so I sent it back. I just think this so cute, it will be perfect for summer and look really nice with a tan (if I ever get one).
Slogan Top: I have said it before and I'll say it again, I just love slogan t-shirts! This one is so fun, and a little different as the slogan is '3D'. I just loved it in the store and couldn't resist.

I also bought a fair bit from Victoria's Secret, however it was mainly underwear and one pair of sweats and I didn't think you guys would need or want to see my underwear. I do love the Victoria's Secret store, and their sweats. I have so many pairs now!

Anything here you like the look of? Let me know! 
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