Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Cairngorm Coffee Co.

Hey Guys!
I have recently been trying to explore Edinburgh a little more, and with the weather being as nice recently I could wander round Edinburgh without getting cold or rained on. During my wanders I discovered my new favourite coffee shop, Cairngorm Coffee Co.
I love stumbling upon place like this, it's one of the reasons I love Edinburgh sp much. This coffee shop is on Fredrick Street, and other than the metal bike attached to the railing outside that says Cairngorm Coffee you almost wouldn't notice it was there. It is down some stairs and below ground level.
It isn't huge, but it has a quite a few tables and seats, as well as seats on the street and also outside the door next to the stair. It also has two iPads built into one of its work benches which are free to use, which I think is a great touch!! Not to mention the free wifi if you needed it. It has a really relaxed vibe, and the music they play is so good, they played some really good stuff including the Kooks and James Bay, I loved it, I didn't need to stick my headphones in.
In terms of food, it was super yummy! I had a grilled cheese sandwich which was incredible. I then had a salted caramel brownie which was also amazing, and the coffee was so good. They also had a water dispenser which had bits of water melon in it, so the water tasted a little of water melon and I really liked that. You could help yourself to as much or as little water as you wanted. 
This place has only been open a year, but I wish I hand discovered it much sooner, I just love it. I could spend all day in here easily, I highly recommend!!
Does this sound like your kind of place? Let me know
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