Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Just Burgers and Beers

Hey Guys!

So me and my friend Laura discovered a new amazing restaurant in Edinburgh over the weekend, it is called Just Burgers and Beers, and I can't believe I have never heard about it until now. I apologise in advance if this post makes you hungry!
I had heard of this restaurant through a blog post by Amy from The Little Magpie, and really liked the sound of it. I mean I like burgers and I like beer so why wouldn't I love it. I knew straight away that it was Laura's kind of restaurant, and when I told her about it, she was really excited!
We went on Saturday, and the weather was horrible so as soon as we left the house we couldn't get a seat in the restaurant. We didn't book a table, but we were luck enough to get a table straight away, but I think that was just luck because it was pretty busy, so next time I would book. There was so much choice, not just the burgers, but the drinks too. I've never seen so many beers on a menu. Laura ordered a Joe Pesci burger and I ordered a Carlos Santana burger, but it took us ages to pick. It did take a wee while for us to get our dinner, Laura was starving, but I think that might have been cause it was so busy. We also ordered curly fries to share.
 Laura's burger above, mine below!
When our food did come we were not disappointed, it was so good! We finished everything, and all the fries. Both burgers were so big, that we didn't really need the fries, but they were still good too! My burger had cheese, jalapenos, salsa and tortilla chips on a flat bread, while Laura's had cheese, tomato, lettuce and garlic may on a focaccia bun. I honestly don't think I've ever had a burger that good!

I loved Just Burgers and Beers, I will definitely be going back, I want to try all the burgers!

Does this sound like the kind of restaurant you'd like? Let me know!
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  1. Nice article! And you style is great btw ;)

  2. We're off to Edinburgh next week and definitely going to go here!

    1. I have done quite a few posts on fun things to do and places to eat here, have a wee look :) x


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