Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Shoe Haul

Hey Guys!

I love shoes, always have! I buy way too many and have offically run out of room for them, as I type I am surrounded by shoes all over the floor (I'm sitting on the floor next to the heater, it's cold)! I know I have too many pairs (although realistically that's never possible) but I can't help buying new ones. I thought I'd share some recent purchases with you.
I love trainers and I have loads of pairs, I just love wearing them. I recently got these Nike Air Max Coliseum trainers from a Nike Outlet store in Livingston and I just love them, they are super comfy and I just love the colour. I couldn't find these exact ones online but I found these ones and these ones which are pretty similar and really cute!
My next love when it comes to shoes is boots, I love them and recently I have been trying to wear heels a little more, which means I have 'had' to buy more heeled boots (had/wanted to)! I saw these boots ages ago in River Island and had been resisting the urge to buy for ages, but when I saw they had been reduced in price, I just had to buy them. I really love the height on them, but what is great about these boots as you don't feel like you are wearing a really tall heel. I also love the colour, I mean they are grey, what's not to love?!
Finally, another pair of heeled boots, but this time they are black! I got these from fellow blogger Hannah Louise Fashion's Depop (I sell stuff there too, link is here) and I just love them. I have been wearing them to work all the time, they look great with a black skater skirt and tights. As they were from Depop I'm not actually sure where they are from, but I don't really care cause they are just so comfy.
Those are just a few shoe buys I have got recently, but I want to know what your favourite shoe to wear is? Let me know!
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  1. Love them all! Thanks for sharing!


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