Friday, 27 February 2015

A Haul To Cure The Winter Blues

Hey Guys!

As I mentioned last week I'm officially sick of winter, I want it to be summer. I was feeling a bit down, and my go to activity to cheer me up happens to be a little wander around the shops. I don't always go to buy things, sometimes I just like a look at all the new stuff...however this time I did pick up a few things!
Urban Outfitters
Urban outfitters have had some really nice stuff in for a while and I've held off buying stuff, in an attempt to behave myself, sadly this time my willpower was not as strong (I say sadly, but I'm more than happy I picked up what I did). 
I loved this top when I saw it a few weeks ago, but they didn't have any in my size. They did this time so I just picked it up. They have it in loads of other colours, but you can't go wrong with a bit of black!
I also loved this skirt as soon as I saw it, but held off buying it. It goes really well with the top, and it is really comfy. I just love the detail on it. Isn't it cute?!
Finally, all know how much I love BeyoncĂ©, so when I saw this mug I just had to buy it!! I actually bought one for Paige too (as a friends Valentine's gift) it is just so fun. They really are words to live by!!

A shopping trip for me really wouldn't be a shopping trip if I didn't visit Topshop would it?! However, I actually behaved myself pretty well, I could have quite easily gone mad, there is a lot of really nice things in there are the moment.
I have been after a pair of dungarees for ages but I haven't seen the right pair. I saw these ddungarees on the website and really liked them, but I wanted to try them on before I made any decisions. I am so glad I bought them, they are so comfy, and I think, pretty cute! I haven't had a pair of dungarees since I was about 6, but I just love them.
I also got this jumper. I do actually have this in grey, but I love it so much that I had to get another one in a different colour. I really love this colour, it is a great winter colour. I really like these jumpers because they are so comfortable, and really easy wear with a lot of different things.

I'd say I had a pretty successful shop, I am still trying to behave myself, and I think I did. 

What do you like the most in this haul? Let me know.
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