Thursday, 15 January 2015

Night time Routine and Mini Bedroom Tour

Hey Guys!

One of my favourite places is my bed, I love my bed and I actually really enjoy getting organised for bed (regardless of how lazy I am). I thought, because I love it so much, I would share my night time routine with you. From what pyjamas I wear, to what I use to wash my face, I am sharing it all! This post is also a mini room tour.
I am being very honest, my room rarely looks like this, I have said it 100 times, I'm messy, but I do try. I love the feeling of fresh bedding, it is the best bed to get into! I have had fairy lights on my bed for a few years now, they are from Ikea, as is my bedding. I don't sleep with them on, but I like having them on most of the day when I'm in. I love bed linen, every time I go to Ikea I end up buying some, they have so much nice stuff. I also have 2 Audrey Hepburn picture in my room, I just love her and I love the picture above my bed with the stencils around it. 
The stencils above my bed aren't the only ones I have I also have ones on the opposite wall (or the roof) as I stay in what was the attic. I have loads of other fun stuff, a lot of it I got from my friend Dominique, she always gets me really cute home things for birthday and Christmases. This Christmas she got me a set of 4 tea cups which have candles in them, which are so cute and for my 21st she got me a birdcage, I just love them but never have any idea where she finds this stuff. That's probably why I love them so much, the fact that she made the effort to find me something unique. There are also a good few teddys and childhood toys (you will probably notice the Winnie the Pooh theme). I have a lot of clutter, I lack storage, but I have this great love hear holder which I put photos and concert tickets in. 
 That baby, it my little brother, I think they are such cute photos!! 
 I also got this for my 21st, I think it is a great quote, I can't even remember who gave me this!
I don't have a desk or anything in my room, so I tend to sit in my pyjamas and blog or watch Netflix or other computer related items. I like to get comfy under my slanket (it's a blanket with sleeves, if you did know) listen to Spotify and get all my blogging and computer things done. In terms of pyjamas, I have this pair of snoopy pyjama bottoms that I have had since I was 12 and they still fit, I don't know how but they are amazing, they are my complete favourites, I also love wearing my dad's old t-shirts like this Taz one. My night time routine starts with me changing into my pyjamas and putting my hair up. If I'm wearing make-up I take it off with Bioderma.
Once I've taken my make up off I normally wash my face, at the moment I'm using this Bioderma cleanser. I love it, it is really foamy but makes your skin feel so soft.
A couple of times a wee I like to put a face mask on, and I love the Una Brennan ones, in particular this clay one. I love that they don't take ages to do, and they really work.
I also use the Una Brennan Neroli Night cream once I've washed my face. I love it and have repurchased it so many times.
Once, I've done my face and brushed my teeth, there come the tough choice: Netflix or reading. Now I know it should always be reading, but have you ever seen Pretty Little Liars? It is addictive!! If I do choose to read I am currently going for White Girl Problems by Babe Walker, which is hilarious and I read it on my wee e-reader, or this fun little book that Dominique (again) got me for Christmas, how cute is it!?
My night time routine wouldn't be complete without a Maus cuddle (the cat) she actually sleeps on my bed most of the night, and is just adorable! 
That's pretty much it, it is pretty simple, but I do it almost every night. In terms of the room, there isn't much more too it, apart from some very messy shelves, my TV and wardrobe. I love finding new things or getting things for my room, I just wish I had the storage and space to put it all! 

What is your night time routine? Let me know! 
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