Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I do love to shop!

Hey Guys!

It's no lie, I love to shop, in fact it is getting to the stage where I should cut back, my wardrobe is getting too full, but I won't and I know that. I recently went 'sale' shopping and sadly bought nothing in the sales, however still came away with a couple of large bags worth of clothes. The sales always look so messy and cluttered and looking through it can stress me out, as it is just a bit too busy for my liking (plus with the amount of shopping I do, I already have half the sale stock) so 9 times out of 10 I end up just heading to the non sale sections. This shopping trip was one of those occasions.
Well duh, no haul of mine wouldn't include Topshop, you all know my love for it, and as it is the first haul of 2015 why not start with my favourite. I saw so many really nice things in store while I was in there and I am very impressed I didn't end up coming out with the majority of the shop, my restraint was so good!!
Check Dress:
This dress isn't really the usual colour or style I normally wear, I tend not to buy bodycon but I really liked the look of this dress in the store, and when I tried it on I really liked how it sat. Yes, it is bodycon but it isn't too clingy which I like. I am really liking this neck line at the moment, I have bought quite a few things with this funnel neck. I just think this is a really nice winter dress, it looks great with thick black tights and boots.
Monochrome Dress:
This was the first thing I picked up when I walked into the shop, I just loved it! I like how it sits, I like the style, and how it is quite easy to dress up & down, I think I could wear this to work and on a night out quite easily, I just really liked it. I really like a 3/4 length sleeve, which is an odd thing to like, I can't really explain why I like it, what can I say I'm odd! I think this dress will look great with and without tights, and you can't really go wrong with monochrome.
Monochrome Top:
Another monochrome item, as I said you can't go wrong with it. I love the detail on this top, the zip at the back adds a bit of fun to the whole thing. I also love that while it is quite fitted it isn't clingy in any way, it sits really nicely. This is definitely a great top for dressing up a casual pair of trousers or shorts. I really love this top!

River Island:
I have been really loving River Island more and more recently, I go through phases where I got into River Island and love everything and then others when I see nothing. This trip I was pretty impressed with it and found myself a couple of really nice things.
Striped Top:
I really liked this top when I first saw it, I just like the simplicity of it, and love the roll neck. It is really comfortable, and you can't really go wrong with stripes. I think I could even wear this top to work, it isn't too dressy but not too casual either.
Cigarette Trousers:
I have bought a pair of this type of trouser for River Island and have been looking for another air similar for a while. I saw this pair on my way to the till actually, and had to stop and look at them. I like the colour ant subtlety of the print on them. They are also really comfortable. They will be perfect for work, and will go with so many different tops. I am so glad I spotted them.

I'd say I did pretty well with my shopping, do you? Anything that takes your fancy at all? Let me know!
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  1. Ohhh love what you picked out! I too love shopping, a little too much!

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