Saturday, 13 December 2014

Winter Lipsticks

Hey Guys!

Hope you have all had a good week. I thought I'd share with you a little beauty post. I wear a lot of lipstick, and have my favourites for summer and winter so thought I'd do a wee post on my favourite winter lip colours!
1. MAC Cyber:
This is one of the lipsticks I go for when I want to have a bit more of a dramatic make-up look. It is a really dark plum, so it isn't one you could wear on a day to day basis, but for a night out it is great. I normally wear it when I have an all black outfit on, I think it looks great. I actually lost my first one of this on a night out and had to repurchase it because I just loved it so much.

2. Blake's Pure Red:
This is a new favourite, as I only got it recently, but I just love it! It is taken from the L'Oreal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds, the collection has an exclusive red lip colour for each of the brand ambassadors. As soon as I saw the ad's with the colours I knew I had to have the Blake Lively red, it is just lovely. It is bright, but not too bright, it is a great every day colour and it is really pigmented. It is just my ideal colour really, I will probably end up wearing this all year round, not just in winter.
3. MAC Rebel:
This is a really old favourite, it is one of my go to lip colours and I wear it so much. It is a great plum colour, but it is really not too purpley at all! It goes with everything, and is great for adding a bit of extra colour. I actually think this was the first MAC lipstick I ever bought, and I'm so glad I did, cause I honestly love it so much!

4. Dior Rouge Hypnotic Red:
I have had this one for a really time, and I actually forget it is in my collection sometimes, but I love it when I do wear it. It is a really dark red, and is really great for a more glamorous look, I actually bought it after I'd seen the James Bond movie Skyfall as it reminded me of a lip colour the bond girl in that film wore. I just think this is a great colour.

What are your go to lip colours? Let me know!
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