Sunday, 28 December 2014

What I Got for Christmas 2014

Hey Guys!

We are back up and running, did we all have a good Christmas? As with last year I thought I would share some of the gifts I was lucky enough to get this year, and also what I got my family.
Victoria's Secret Collection:
My parents recently went to New York to celebrate my mum's birthday and their 25th wedding anniversary, and while I did send them away with a little shopping list, I didn't ask for lots of stuff, and as I opened my presents on Christmas Day it became very apparent that my mum had gone a little bit mad in Victoria's Secret! I ended up with a lot of underwear, these penguin print pyjamas, this really lovely pyjama top (which I have worn as a just a top), these grey skinny sweatpants, the hoodie and the lovely pink and white blanket - see she went a bit mad!! I am so happy with all of it, I love Victoria's Secret and so when I got so much from their I was so happy, my favourite item has to be the blanket, it is so soft and is great for sitting under on the sofa while watching telly. I am so grateful that my mum thought of me while she was away, as I honestly didn't expect nearly any of this.

Necklace from my brother:
I love this necklace, and haven't had it off since Christmas Day. I always wear a necklace, and I rarely change the one I wear. Recently, I haven't had one to wear all the time, but have been switching the ones I wear about. My brother picked this himself, it is from Links London (although I think it may have been bought from QVC), I think it is so pretty. I love the mix of the two metals, but also the simplicity of the design, I just think it is lovely!

This was another gift from New York, as you can probably tell, and it is so fun. I did ask for this, I don't really know why but I just thought it would be fun, and it really is!! It has a great slogan on the back which says "Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined." I think that is so funny!! It is also really comfy, and sits really nicely on. I love a good logo t-shirt, and this is one of the best!

Benefit Goodies:
I love Benefit, as I have probably mentioned before, and I love this mascara, it makes your lashes look super long and lasts all day! I also love the gimme brow, it is really easy to use and makes your eyebrows look great. The fact that I got both makes me a very happy lady.

Normally, when it comes to tights, I just go for Primark's Super Cosy ones because they are warm and comfy and they aren't overly pricey. However, in the past I loved these House of Holland Suspender tights but haven't bought them in a few years, but my parents must have remembered that I liked them because I got a pair this year, I haven't worn them yet, but I am already planning outfits to wear them with in my head!

That's the main things I got, so I thought I'd share a couple of the gifts I bought my family.

Foo Fighters Tickets for my dad:
So I have had this organised for a while now, but couldn't share with anyone as it was a surprised. My dad is a really big Foo Fighters fan, always has been, and so when I saw that they were playing at Murrayfield in June I have to try and get tickets for us. I am also getting to go, when I was growing up it was my dad that took me to a lot of the concerts I wanted to see, in fact we went to T in the Park together quite a few times. We have always had quite similar music tastes so it is always pretty fun to go to gigs together. I wanted it to be a surprise, so I also got him the new Foo Fighters album and the Royal Blood album (who are supporting them) and made a fake ticket which I wrapped up with the cd's. I think my dad was really happy, I am pretty excited to see such a great band together!

Spa Day for my mum:
My mum has had quite a stressful year and I thought she deserved to be pampered, so I got her a Spa day for two at Peebles Hydro which includes a Hendrick's Gin afternoon tea as well as use of the services and a treatment. It was again a surprise so when she opened her voucher she was so happy, and even got a bit tearful. I am finally old enough that we can do something like this together and I'm so excited to spend the day relaxing with her.

That's all the gifts which I gave and received this Christmas. What did you guys get? Let me know!!
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