Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Recap: December Playlist

Hey Guys!

Can you believe it is 2015 soon?! Such a crazy year! As it is the end of another month it is time to recap this months songs of the week and share my December playlist with you all. Enjoy!
Week 1 = Weapon - Bastille vs Angel Haze vs F*U*G*Z vs Braque:
Taken from Bastille's newest mixtape, this song mixes all the artists featured on it and it really works. I love Bastille anyway, so when they release stuff I tend to be a fan, but this is a bit different from previous stuff they have done, but does not disappoint, I love it!

Week 2 = Gunshot - Lykke Li:
I love this song, it is so catchy and she has such a haunting voice. This song has really encouraged me to look into Lykke Li more closely, and listen to some of her other stuff more.

Week 3 = Get Away - Chvrches:
This song is taken from the Radio 1's re-scoring of the movie Drive, and it is just brilliant! I love this band, they have such a distinctive sound, and the lead singer has a great voice. If you have never listened to them do, they are a great Scottish band!

Week 4 = Desire - Years & Years:
Such a feel good, upbeat song from this really great band! I think we will be hearing a lot more from them in the next year, all the songs I've heard anyway have been great!

Week 5 = 7/11 - Beyoncé:
The woman can do no wrong, the queen of music has released this song after the release of the platinum edition of her self-titled album, and it is just fabby! I just love her what more can I say!

Now, as always here is this months playlist,  I hope you like!

Is there any songs on here that you are liking? 

Now as it is the end of the month, look out for a 2014 playlist which I am going to publish tomorrow I think, just to recap on all of this years songs that I have loved, and hopefully you've loved to!
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