Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Recap: September Playlist

Hey Guys!

Happy 1st of October! As it is the start of a new month I thought I'd recap all of September's songs of the week and share the months playlist with you. The playlist has all the songs, including my songs of the week that I have been loving all throughout September!
Week 1 - Taylor Swift - Shake It Off:
How can you not love this song? It is so catchy and just makes you want to dance! I love Taylor and I love this song, plus the video for this song is hilarious!

I think this song is just great, and continues to be one of my favourites of the whole month (think this might be my favourite out of all the songs of the week). Ellie has such a great voice, and I love it when she does collaboration.

They are the King & Queen of the pop world and this was a song of the week after me and Paige went to see them in Paris (post here). This song is so good, I just can't fault these two!

This is a song is a little different to some of the stuff I normally listen to, but I have really been loving this band, their debut album is really good, and I just think this song is a great song!

This girl has an incredible voice, and her new album My Everything is so good! I love this song, it's just a great pop song.

Also here is September's playlist, pre-waring there is a lot of Beyoncé and Jay-Z on it (in fact the whole on their On The Run Tour set list) as it was a big part of the last month. Enjoy!
What do you guys think of the playlist? Let me know!
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