Saturday, 20 September 2014

This is not real life...

Hey Guys!

Another Paris related post, but this one is about the main event, the Beyoncé and Jay-Z concert, at the Stade de France on Saturday 13th September! I can't even begin to explain just how amazing it was, a week on and I'm still in awe!!
For those regular readers you might remember my post about the Mrs Carter World Tour, but for those of you who don't I have seen Beyoncé before and was blown away about how amazing a performer she was and how good the show was, so when I heard about the On The Run Tour she was doing with Jay-Z I really wanted to go, but was really disappointed when I found out that they weren't doing any UK dates at all. However, on a whim Paige suggested that we maybe look into getting tickets for Paris, we didn't think we'd get tickets or that we'd even be able to afford it, but when we saw that it was actually cheaper than the tickets we got for her Glasgow show, we knew we had to go for it, and we weren't disappointed. 

We were standing and actually got some pretty good spots, considering we weren't at the stadium when they doors open, but we had a good view of the stage and I was surprised how close we were.
 They opened with '03 Bonnie & Clyde, and it just got better and better throughout the night! They were on for at least 2 and a half hours if not longer! As a Beyoncé fan, I was most excited to see her, I was looking forward to Jay-Z, but to be honest I wasn't sure how amazing he'd be compared to his wife, but I was really surprised he was really good, and put on just as good a show as she did!
 For Flawless, Nicki Minaj came on and her and Beyoncé performed the Flawless Remix, which was so good. Throughout the night, I don't think there was a moment that we didn't stop singing or dancing, it was so much fun, I could barely speak by the end!
 The show was broken up with short movie clips similar to the On The Run trailer, which really added to the whole show, it also allowed for some pretty stunning outfit changes! They did an amazing performance of Drunk in Love, as well as Holy Grail where Beyoncé did the Justin Timberlake parts, it was just great.
 My favourite Beyoncé song was Resentment, which she doesn't always sing, but really fitted in with the rest of the set and I loved it, it's one of my favourite Beyoncé songs, so as soon as she started singing I was singing along, as was the rest of the crowd. My favourite Jay-Z song had to be Paris, everyone was jumping and singing along and he got the whole crowd going and even stopped to get us to great 'mosh pits' throughout the standing section, it was just so much fun!!
They ended the show with On the Run (this weeks song of the week) and then Forever Young, which had a bit of Halo in it too, throughout this they had a video of their wedding and Blue on the screen which was so cute, and really tied the whole show together because at the start the screen had the caption "This is not real life" on it and as soon as this video stopped the caption "This is real life" appeared and I just thought it was a great way to end the show. Everyone had the lights on their phones held up and it was just an amazing way to end an amazing show!! 
I really enjoyed the show, it was just an incredible night, and I still can't believe I was lucky enough to see them live!!

Sorry for the over use of the word amazing, but I can't think of a better way to describe them, they really are just such incredible entertainers!! 

Have you guys ever seen either of them? Or were you as lucky as me to see them on this tour? Let me know!
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  1. Ohhh Im so jealous !. It looked amazing ;)

  2. Awesome. x

  3. I bet it was awesome to see her live! And in Paris too! Jels!
    Daniella x


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