Sunday, 21 September 2014

Duty Free, Sephora and Parashop Haul

Hey Guys!

So here is my last Paris related post, it's a beauty haul of all the goodies I got from duty free, Sephora and the French pharmacy (Parashop). There isn't Sephora in Britain, so it's a great novelty, so every time I go to Europe I have to visit. You also get loads of great stuff from French pharmacies that you can't get at home, so I do always like to stock up when I go to France. 
Duty Free
Benefit The Real Steal Gift Set: I actually bought this in the airport on the way out, it's includes a full size They're Real mascara, a half size They're Real eye-liner and a little tester of the They're Real makeup remover (which I didn't even realise was in there). I have wanted to try this eye liner since it came out and I thought this was a great way to try it out. I love the mascara, it really does make your eyelashes look so long, so I though this was a great value pack.

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation: I was very surprised at my restraint in Sephora actually, I only bought this foundation. I was really excited to see the Marc Jacobs Beauty, because you can't get it here and I had heard a lot about it. I really liked the sound of this foundation, and when I tested it on my hand I loved the feel of it, I got the colour 26 Bisque Medium. I haven't had a proper use of it yet, but I am really excited to try it out properly.

This is where I went a little crazy!
Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré: I have had this before, so knew I was going to repurchase it when I was in Paris. It is a great moisturiser which makes your skin feel great, I recently found out that you aren't actually supposed to use it all the time, as it is only supposed to be used for when your skin is really bad, but I have really dry skin and feel this moisturiser really helps with that, so I've never had any issues with it. I am just a big fan of this! 
Bioderma Créalin H2O Micellar Solution: You can't really not go to France and not buy Bioderma, I got a double pack and this cute mini one! This is just the best stuff ever for taking your make-up off, I love it!
Bioderma Hydrabio Mousse: I bought this purely because I was intrigued by it. It is a cleansing wash which is a foam. I have used this a few times since I've been back, and I'll be honest the first time I used it was an odd experience. It comes out the tube like shaving foam, and you massage it into your face. It is a really odd feeling at first, but it is really soft and leaves your skin feeling really nice, so I am really glad I bought this.
La Roche-Posay Serozinc: This was another repurchase, hence why I got to bottles. It is a cleansing and soothing solution, which just makes your skin feel so good, it is really good on your skin if you get a break out or a reaction to another product as it soothes the skin really nicely. I am already regretting only getting 2 bottles. 
Cattier Pink Clay Mask: Finally, I picked up this wee sample size of the Cattier Pink Clay Mask to try. I had actually never heard of this, but Paige was looking for the tubes of these and she told me about it, so I thought if I get the little one to try and I like it I can always ask my grandparents (who live in France half the year) to bring me back a full size. The thing that really persuaded me to get this is the fact that it is specifically for sensitive skin, which I really have. After using it I can tell you, I love it, it is really gentle and makes it really soft. I'm a big fan of this!!

That's all my French purchases, have you guys tried of these? That's also all my Paris related posts done, hope you have enjoyed this weeks Paris related posts, still can't believe it had only been a week since we were there.  
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