Sunday, 31 August 2014

Thailand: Part 2

Hey Guys!

I can't believe I have been back from Thailand for a whole week, I am really missing it, it was such a great experience that I just wish I could do it all over again. Anyway, following on from my post the other day (Thailand: Part 1), here is part 2 of the trip!
We started again in Bangkok, and had a night out and a lazy day (as I mentioned in Part 1) before we got on the 12 hour night train down south towards Khao Sok National Park. The national park was stunning, and completely different from any of the other places we had been in the past week. We spent the day at the lakes in the national park and then stayed in such a beautiful place, me and Laura's room was in the forest over-looking a river, it was just lovely, and it was a really nice room as well, I think it was the nicest place we stayed during the whole trip!
We were only in the national park for a night, before we headed to Koh Samui for two nights! Koh Samui is one of the islands which hosts lots of parties and drinking etc, but it is also very pretty and great for sunbathing (something I had really been looking forward to doing). We went out one evening in Koh Samui, and we all got pretty merry (I say merry I mean kinda drunk or 'wavey' which became our holiday phrase) It was a lot of fun. We then had a day to just relax on the beach and top up our tans. 
After Koh Samui, we headed over to Koh Tao, which was absolutely stunning, we were there for 2 nights as well, and during that time we did a pub crawl, saw an amazing fire show and rented mopeds, as well as a little more sunbathing. 
Finally, we took a boat, a bus and a train back to Bangkok. This was the hardest day travelling I have ever done because I was massively hungover, and 8 hours travelling when you feel that rubbish really isn't fun. We got into Bangkok at 7 the next morning, so we had a full day in Bangkok before our flight home, so we did some last minute shopping round the markets and then had a final dinner with some of the group before heading home.
And that was my trip! It honestly was one of the best experiences of my life, I did so many incredible things and met so many lovely people, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I hope you liked these posts about my trip!
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