Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Beauty Haul

Hey Guys!

We are officially back in business, I am hoping to get completely back on track with all my posts now that I am back from my holiday and refreshed. Thailand was incredible, and I am working on a couple of posts for you guys which will be up in the next week or so. Anyway, time for something a little different to normal, I thought I'd share some beauty products I recently got. I don't normally post big beauty orientated posts, but I have been loving these products so had to share.
I love these lip lacquer's, they last ages and come in really pretty shades. This one is really lovely, and while I was away I wore it quite a lot. I just think it is a shade which can be quite subtle or dressy, depending on what else you wear it with. I also love that these lip lacquers are really glossy, but not sticky on the lips, they are a really could cross between a lipstick and a lipgloss.
I am a big red lipstick fan, and since I have had this one, have worn it quite a lot. I just love the colour and the texture and everything about it, even the packaging I love. I hadn't really heard of the brand before I got this, but I am really impressed. It is super creamy on the lips and lasts quite well. I wear this for nights our with smokey eyes and I just think it looks lovely.
I will be honest, I'm not normally a huge glitter polish fan purely because I am really lazy and it takes forever to take off, but I do really like this one. I like when OPI releases fun collections and if you couldn't work it out is from their Muppets collection. It is a mainly a silver glitter polish with spots of other colours in it, the glitter is all different sizes and shapes which makes it quite fun! I really like the fact that it can worn on its own or on top of another colour, I put it on top of a black polish and it looked great.
4. Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Genius Extender:
I have pretty thin hair, so when I don't wash my hair it does tend to get greasy quite quickly, it also gets quite greasy when I use a lot of products in it, I can't use hair oils or anything like that because my hair just looks really dirty, I even have problems finding dry shampoos which aren't too heavy for my hair. So when I got this one, I wasn't expecting to like it or for it to work, however I was completely surprised by how well it worked and how much I liked it. I really noticed a difference in how my hair felt and looked. I am really impressed with this product!!

Any of these take your fancy? Have you tried any of them, what did you think? Have you tried any new beauty products recently that I should try? Let me know!
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