Saturday, 2 August 2014

August Wish List

Hey Guys!

Happy Saturday, can you believe its August? I feel like I've said that at the start of every month, but it still feels strange how quickly this year has gone! Anyway, as with the start of each month, it's time to share this month wish list with you all.

1. Co-ords: Fashion Union (Top, Skirt)
2. Dress: Boohoo
3. Jumper: River Island
4. Cardigan: Missguided
5. Sandals: New Look
6. Shorts: Topshop

Anything in this list that you like? Let me know!
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  1. I was going to purchase that Miss Guided cardigan a few days ago because I thought it looked so lovely. However, I decided it looked quite thin in the photos which put me off it! Let me know if you buy the cardigan as I would love to know if the quality is any good!

    Susie xxxxxx
    The summer had passed like sand slipping through my fingers; inevitably ending as it had begun.

    1. I think it is supposed to be quite thin,I just thought it was so lovely! I can't fault missguided for their quality!! x


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