Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Primark Haul

Hey Guys!

I recently made a trip to Primark to get a few little things for going on holiday, and thought I'd share with you my purchases.
Firstly, I got these faux Birkenstocks for only £5, I have really been liking sandals like these recently, although they are a little on the 'ugly' side (I don't really think they are ugly, but they aren't exactly the most beautiful shoes ever) they are really comfortable, and I think they are really cute. I did buy them for holidays, but as the weather has been so nice here, I have been wearing them a lot at the moment. I am really surprised by all the things they go with, at only a fiver, I am pretty tempted to get another pair!
I then got this playsuit for £7. I thought it would look really lovely on holiday for nights out or for over a bikini, I really like the studded detail at the bottom of it, and the material is really light, so I don't think I will get too warm in it!
I knew I needed light weight-shorts for going away, surprisingly I only really own denim ones which can get a little uncomfortable in a great heat. I got these really comfy running shorts for £4 from the gym section of the store. I didn't know they did workout clothes, but apparently they do. I really like these, I have worn these round the house recently cause I have been properly over-heating while I've been inside the last week or so. I think these will be great for day-time wanderings while I am away, cause they are so light-weight I think they will keep me pretty cool.
I also got these loose fitting trousers for £7, now I know these aren't the prettiest of things, but they are super comfy, and they were bought with a purpose in mind. While we are in Thailand we are hoping to go visit one of the temples in Bangkok, but to go into the temples you have to be dressed appropriately, meaning you need to be covered up to a certain extent. I thought these would be perfect for this trip as they are a good cover up, but they are also incredibly light so I won't over heat. I also thought these would be pretty good for travelling in as they are comfy, although I will probably end up in some pj bottoms on the plane at some stage.
I then got this cute little backpack for £8. I though this was really cute, I knew I needed a little bag for carrying money and other little things around with me during the day as we are only taking a big backpack for our stuff, and I don't really want to have to carry that around all the time. I just thought this one was really cute.
I also got a pack of travel bottles for my toiletries for a £1. I though these would be a really good idea because I can put products I need in these smaller bottles and won't have to worry about carrying around heavy shampoo bottles or anything like that with me. I can't decide whether or not it's worth getting another set, just in case, but I thought they were a really practical idea.
Finally, I got this pack of 3 anklets of £2. Now these aren't really for my holiday, although I will probably wear one the whole time I'm away, I actually got these cause I thought they were pretty, and I am a big fan of anklets, always have been, always will be!
That's all I got, I think Primark is great for holiday stuff, because it doesn't cost a huge amount so if you only wear it for one holiday it doesn't really matter. After getting all this stuff, I'm getting more and more excited for our trip. I can't believe that it is only 2 weeks away!!

Have you guys got anything good from Primark recently? Let me know.
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  1. These products are so nice and I like this playsuit. Great post.


    1. I'm really happy with my finds, glad you like the post! x

  2. I love all of these clothes ! Great haul

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

    1. Thank you, I love it when you find good things in Primark! x

  3. The bag is super cute! I'm jelly, I wish there was a Primark close to me!

    -- Michelle |

    1. It really is! I think it's rubbish you can't buy any of there stuff online! x

  4. Love that playsuit! It's been so long since I've been in Primark I forget how great some of their stuff is - especially for the price!

    Tasha | A Winter Daze

    1. I find primark quite hit and miss, sometimes there is loads of great stuff and sometimes there isn't, but I got luck this time!! x


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