Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Grad Ball!!

Hey Guys!!

Hope we are all well, this is a really crazy busy week for me, which started on Sunday as I had my Grad Ball, and it was amazing, I had so much fun and just had to share!! 
Preparations for the ball pretty much took up all of last week, with me getting a spray tan and my hair cut and nails done etc which I do love, I love just pampering myself and this seemed like as good an opportunity than any to do just that!! I got my tan and hair done at Redlox Hair & Beauty, I have been getting my hair done here since Nicola and Louise opened the salon, and Nicola always does my hair great, she is so good so I wouldn't go anywhere else. Sadly, she was on holiday on Sunday so I went elsewhere to get my hair put up, but I wouldn't ever trust anyone else to cut or colour my hair!!  

I got my nails done with Paige, on Saturday at Spirit Hair & Beauty, where I go quite a lot cause it is just round the corner, and I love the staff, you always get a good wee chat!! I went for glitter (as I always do) where Paige went for a lovely dark dark red, which she really suits!! We got Gel nails done as well, so it will last all the way up to Graduation on Friday and beyond!
My Nails
Paige's nails
On the day of the ball I wanted to get my hair put up, have you ever tried to find a hairdressers that is open on a Sunday? It is a challenge!! I ended up getting it done at Cheynes in Bruntsfield, somewhere I had never been. I went in with my picture of Julianne Hough in the hope that I could get something similar:
My Inspiration!
I was really happy with what I got, it wasn't quite the same as the picture, but I know I'm not Julianne Hough I wasn't expecting miracles, they guy was a hairdresser not a Genie! I really loved my hair, although I don't think I've ever had so many Kirby Grips (Bobby Pins) in my pillow when I woke up in my life, I keep finding them round my room!
The back of my head! 
I then needed to get my make-up sorted, I am quite happy to do my own, but I knew my lovely friend Ellen who does freelance make-up (find her here, she is amazingly talented!!). I am so happy I asked her to do it, she is so amazing at it, and I honestly didn't know my eyes could look like they did! If I'm honest I have no idea what she put on me, but if you head to her Beauti By Ellen Facebook page, I'm sure she can answer any of those questions, I just sat there and let her do whatever she wanted, and I honestly couldn't have been happier!! I really believe this should be Ellen's full time job, so many people commented on my make-up, and praised her for how well it was done!!
My make-up, still can't believe how amazing it was!!
By the time I got home, I had a good few hours to spare before I had to actually put my dress on, which was a task in itself, have you ever tried to put clothes on without smudging make-up or ruining hair, it's a two person job, Paige had to help me into my dress!! I got my Dress from ASOS, my Shoes (in-store) from Office, and my Bag from Accessorize, and I loved them all! I didn't want to spend loads on all my outfit, especially because I will probably only wear it a handful of times, but I was so happy with it!
The Ball was at The George Hotel in Edinburgh, I had never been there before, but it is a really pretty hotel, and they whole place looked really lovely!! We got there a wee bit early to meet Zoe and a few of the other girls in Zoe & Rachael's hotel room, which they had gotten in the George for the night! We were only up there for about 20 mins or so, but the room looked really nice, and Zo said she had a lovely sleep when we saw her the next day, which means it must have been comfy enough!

We then went down stairs to the drinks reception, which was in the smallest room possible for it, but it was fun to see how everyone was dressed, and how much effort everyone had made! We also got photos taken outside with the professional photographer who was taking photos of everyone as they came in! We then headed to where we were eating, which was so pretty, all the tables were really prettily decorated, and it just looked great!
The Table
Me and Paige were sitting together all night, we only knew one other girl at our table but it ended up being a lot of fun, all the girls at our table were really funny and we all just chatted and giggled all night, it wasn't awkward or uncomfortable at any time!

The waiters were really good throughout dinner, handing out free wine (which was a bonus because I thought we were going to have to pay for all our drinks), they also made sure we were all happy with our food, and were really attentive. The food was also really good, we had a soup to start, then it was chicken stuffed with haggis, with mashed potatoes and veg. Paige had the vegetarian option which was gnocchi in a sort of spicy sauce, she said it was really good. We then had a vanilla cheesecake to start, I'm not a huge vanilla cheesecake fan, but it was actually really tasty (pudding was also the only dish I took a photo of, cause it looked pretty)! 
By the end of dinner, I think we were all feeling really full and a little sleepy (wine and a 3 course meal can do that to you), so when were asked to move into a different room so they could set the room up for the ceilidh I think we were all happy to get some fresh air and a wee move about! 

During this gap, there was this really cool photobooth called Blushbooth (all the photos are here), Me, Paige and Zoe decided to do it together, which was really funny, but I don't think we quite got the hang of it, we completely missed the first photo, the thing went really quick, but it was funny!
We then got to get drinks and just chat with everyone which was really nice! There was a ceilidh and a 'disco' after that, which was interrupted by a fire alarm half-way through resulting in the whole hotel being evacuated and a fire engine turning up, but it was warm enough so it wasn't to bad, except I did start to moan about my feet getting sore, but I refused to take my shoes off, they were so pretty and I was being stubborn! I did eventually switch into some flat shoes, but I think it was a bit to late by them because my feet were pretty sore, but hey they looked nice! 
Me and Zo!
I had such a fun night, and it was lovely to see everyone all dressed up and in a different environment, we are so used to seeing each other in scruffy clothes so it was fun to see that everyone had made the effort! I thought it was one of the best nights I have had in ages, we all just got on and had a fun and actually made new friends (which is odd when we are about to finish) but I wouldn't have changed the night at all. One thing I would say is some of the staff were a little rude towards the end of the night, as people were told on more than one occasion to put their shoes back on because the hotel was a 4* hotel, which I though was a bit out of order, but that was only a minor thing and we all had a really good night! It was a great way to end uni!!

Are any of you graduating soon? Have you got a ball? Let me know!!
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