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Summer Essentials!!

Hey Guys! 

How is everyone today? I can't quite believe it is nearing the end of June, this year really is going super fast!! Since it is June I thought I'd do my Summer Essentials following on from my Spring & Winter ones I've done previously. Living in Edinburgh means that the weather isn't always great, but I still love summer, and this year I have quite a lot planned!!
Life Essentials
Travel: This summer I am so excited that I actually have some crazy travelling planned, my friend Laura and I are going to Thailand for just over 2 weeks on an amazing trip that means we get to see so much of the country in such a short time! We are booked with the travel agent STA and are doing their Thailand on a Shoestring tour, which takes us to a lot of places, I am really excited! Having never been to Thailand I don't really know what to expect, but I think it will be a really great experience and a lot of fun! We go away on the 6th August, I can't wait!!
Some of the places we get to visit on the tour
Edinburgh Festival: For those of you who don't know, every year Edinburgh hosts this huge festival with celebrate the arts and performing etc. It runs through out the whole of August encompassing the whole city, it includes both and the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe which do tend to work closely together to showcase the best possible shows and performers possible. As I am going to Thailand I will miss the majority of it, but being an Edinburgh native, by the end of the festival you are quite sick of trying to navigate round the massive crowds that seems to be everywhere at that time of year, so a small dose of it might be nice this year. I do try to go to some shows, I tend to prefer the Fringe shows, they are less classical than the international ones and have, in the past, seen comedians including Chris Ramsey & Jason Manford. Even though it is really busy, and when you aren't in the mood the crowds are really frustrating, I do really love the festival. When the weather is nice it is great to just wander round the Royal Mile which has lots of performers on it, or my personal favourite sit in George Square where they put tents up and a bear garden and watch the world go by. It all finishes with the most amazing fireworks display over the castle, which I will be home for so hopefully I'll get to go, cause I love it! 
The Royal Mile
George Square

Grad Ball & Graduation: If you are a regular reader you will know that I recently finished my 4 year degree at Edinburgh Napier University, and I look set to graduate with a 2:1 in Ba (Hons) Festival & Event Management, which I am so so happy about! In order to celebrate graduating the university are putting on a Grad Ball for us on the 29th June at the George Hotel here in Edinburgh, and I think it's gonna be a pretty fun night! I have already got my dress sorted, and am planning all my beauty treatments around it as well, but I can't wait to dress up all fancy and celebrate 4 years hard work!
We then have our graduation ceremony on the 4th July at the Usher Hall, followed by a champagne reception at the university itself. I think this is more exciting for my parents than me, but it will still be a nice occasion. I am also going out for a dinner with my family at Cafe Andaluz that night as we only get 2 tickets to the ceremony and I would really love to celebrate my achievement with my whole family. So these next few weeks are quite exciting in terms of university, can't believe I am finished!

The Gym: Now I have never been a fan of exercise or the gym, I'm far too lazy and I have never been a fan of sport as when I was at school I was rubbish at P.E, my lack of co-ordination and general clumsiness just isn't a winning formula when it comes to physical exercise, I fall over standing still so you can only imagine what happens when I try to run...however, I have started going to the gym recently, kind of in preparation for Thailand, as there is a 3 day trek (although I'm hoping it's not going to be too challenging) and I really want to enjoy it so getting my fitness levels up for this is important to me. Shockingly, I have actually enjoyed it (something I never thought I'd say). I am aiming to keep going at least twice a week till I go away, but I'm not trying to lose weight or anything like that, I just want to feel physically fitter, which I think I can mange easily! Plus, I have found myself with loads of extra time, so going to the gym is actually giving me something to do in the afternoons.
My Gym stuff

Fashion Essentials
Bikini's: Obviously it being summer, I couldn't not mention bikini's! I pretty much plan to spend my entire trip in Thailand with a bikini on, whether that be while I'm on the beach or under my clothes while I'm walking round! My favourite bikini's in the past have been from Topshop, as they are always really cute, and do wash pretty well. This purple one I got last year from Topshop, I really love that regardless of how tanned you actually are, this one does make you appear slightly more tanned. I also love that it is bandeau, it just sits really nicely. They don't have anything similar in Topshop anymore, but I do love this one from ASOS.
I also love this blue one which I got as a gift three years ago now from Paige and Zoe, and it is really comfy, although cause the bottoms tie each side I do wore sometimes that they are going to fall off. They have a similar top to this one in Topshop at the moment (here) but they don't have matching bottoms, which I think is strange.
I will probably end up buying another couple of bikini's this year, you can never really have enough of them can you.

Crop Tops: I love a good crop top any time of year, but summer just seems like the right time to wear them, especially when it is warm! I think they are a trend which is so easy to dress up and down, you can year them with high-waisted skirts and tights, or leggings, or shorts, really the opportunities are endless! I wear them a lot when I go out, but I also wear them quite casually too, they are a really easy to wear trend and great for holidays. This first one I got last year from Topshop, and while they don't have the same colour back in stock they do have a similar one (I also have this in black and purple, which they do have in stock).
This one is really really old, but I still wear it a lot especially during the summer purely because I love it!! (sorry I can't find anything similar)
Denim Shorts: I actually own one pair of denim shorts now, as I was ruthless recently and chucked quite a few pairs of really old ones out, however they are still one of my summer staples. They go with everything and are really comfy. What more could you want from clothes?! (These ones again are Topshop...shocker!!)
Havaianas: These are my favourite flip-flops of all time!! They are so comfy and last for ages, I'm not kidding I've have the same pair for almost 5 years!! I had to recently clean mine because they were filthy (and they are white) but I don't think I could cope through summer without my Havaianas, I'm serious if you are looking for a good pair of flip-flops these are the best! You can get similar ones to mine here.
Yup, they have been worn a lot!!

Beauty Essentials
Bioderma Sensibio H2O - Micelle Solution: I don't think I could live without this stuff, as a very lazy girl, I hate taking my make-up off at night, I am really bad for falling asleep in my make-up. With this stuff, it means I can have it on my bedside table with some cotton pads and take my make-up off in bed! It is really light on your skin, and generally does take everything off! I do try to wash my face properly as well as using this, but when I'm feeling really lazy I know that I can do this and my skin will still be pretty clean! I normally get this brought back for me by my grandparents who live in France a lot of the year, which makes it a bit cheaper, it can be quite expensive to get here which is a bit annoying, however apparently both L'oreal and Garnier now have their equivalents of this, although I haven't tried them yet.
Bumble & Bumble Surf Shampoo & Conditioner: I actually got this as part of my Christmas and only opened it quite recently, and have really been loving it. It is supposed to leave your hair looking beachy, I don't know if it does, but I will say that it does leave my hair feeling really clean!
I'm almost out of the conditioner as you can see!!

Soap & Glory Scrub Actually Body Scrub: I love all the Soap & Glory Products, recently this scrub has been my favourite! It's really light and smells amazing, and just leaves my skin feeling really soft. I suffer from quite bad eczema on my arms which really drys out over summer, this just helps me keep my skin as soft and smooth as it can be.
That's all my summer essentials, I know there aren't as many beaut of fashions ones as there are general live ones, but this is a really exciting summer for me and I had to share! What are your summer plans? Any exciting trips or holidays planned? What do you love wearing during the summer? Let me know as always!!
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  5. How AWESOME!! I kind of envy you but in a good way! haha That's an amazing life experience! Loving all of your essentials! Great post!

    Classy and Trendy

    1. I am really excited!! Glad you like the post! x

  6. Crop tops are definitely an essential for summer! So jealous that you're going to Thailand x

    1. They really, are so easy to wear! I can't wait!! x


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