Monday, 30 June 2014

Song of the Week #18

Hey Guys!!

How are we all? Good weekend? I had Grad Ball last night (post to come) so I had a pretty good weekend. Anyway, time for song of the week!
This week the song comes from Lana Del Rey's stunning new album, it is the track Shades of Cool and I just love it! I have a proper girl crush on Lana and this album really hasn't disappointed me in any way! Since it came out it has pretty much been on repeat and I did find it hard to pick just one song, but I think Shades of Cool just wins it. 

What do you think? Are you a Lana fan? Let me know! 
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  1. I'm a huge Lana fan and this is one of my favourite songs off of the album! I like her title track Ultraviolence the most though!


    1. I love the whole album, it was really hard to pick just one song!! x

  2. I rarely listen to Lana Del Rey, mainly because if I start listening to her I'll feel empty about the fact that I need to catch up and listen to her albums. But this is a good tune on the whole! I'll try listening to the album when I get the time x

    Alaina (

    1. Her new album is so good!! I never used to be a huge fan, but this album really has changed my mind!! x

  3. Yes I think she is amazing! :) I really love her music and her new album <3

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