Friday, 6 June 2014

One Direction!!

Hey Guys!!

How are we all? Hope you are a well. I was at another big concert on Tuesday Night, Me and Paige went to One Direction on their Where We Are Tour at Murrayfield Stadium here in Edinburgh!!
We had had these tickets for a good year, so we had been looking forward to it for a while now, it was also our last big concert of this year (well as far as we know) as we have been to see Taylor, Beyoncé and Katy this year so far (not to mention our last minute trip to OneRepublic) so we have had pretty successful year in terms of concerts so far. Neither of us had never seen One Direction before, so we were pretty excited to see what kind of performance they would put on.

No fancy dinners this time (unless you count drive-thru) as it was a week night and I had been working all day so hadn't had a lot of time to get organised for the gig. We headed towards Murrayfield just after half 6 and it did take a wee bit of time because the traffic was crazy (we do suspect that the boys actually drove past us with a police escort at one point though)! Surprisingly, we actually found a parking spot relatively easily, although I've never been so nervous parking my car as it was on a very steep hill and I was worried my car would roll down the hill! We were only about a 10 minute walk from the stadium so we got there in no time once we had parked.

We were seated, which was fine cause it means you are guaranteed to see everything, I wasn't to fussed about being able to touch the band, as long as I could enjoy the concert. We arrived in time to see the support, 5 Seconds of Summer, finish of their set with She Looks So Perfect (the only song of theirs I know) and then we just waited for the band. The stage was huge, it looked pretty impressive actually! I will admit, I think it is the loudest crowd I have ever been around (there were a lot of screaming girls) but it was fun to people watch!
The band came on to Midnight Memories and the whole crowd was singing along, but it was very apparent that Harry wasn't singing, and we couldn't work out why. We very quickly found out that Harry wasn't feeling great, he spoke to the crowd apologising for being poorly and therefore he wasn't able to sing so the rest of the band were doing his parts. He did sound genuinely ill which was a bit of shame for him as well as us, as I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for a performer in that sort of situation, however he still spent the whole night on stage and did his best to hype the crowd up and join in! They were really good with chatting to the audience and it was clear they are really grateful to their fans for supporting them. They were chatting away and having jokes with the audience and each other throughout!
My favourite song was either Little Things (although it wasn't quite the same when Liam sang Harry's verse) or You & I which they performed in the encore! I really enjoyed myself, I love that all of One Direction's songs are such good sing-along songs, the audience almost became Harry's stand-in as everyone knew all the words. Although they were a man-down (kind of) they still made such a big effort and put on a really great show!
All in all I really enjoyed the concert, it was just a bit of light-hearted fun! Have any of you guys ever seen One Direction? What did you think? Let me know, I'd love to hear what you thought!
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