Friday, 23 May 2014

Harvey Nichols Shopping Event

Hey Guys!

Hope you have had a good week, I've had quite a busy one, which has been quite nice actually. I started new shifts at work which means I work only mornings at the moment, which has given me loads of time to do stuff in the afternoon (it also means I can have a nap after work, which I am a big fan of...yup I'm living life on the wild side). I have also spent quite a lot of time with my mum this week, which has been really nice, we were at the theatre seeing Rock of Ages at the Playhouse on Tuesday night, which was so fun, and last night we had a really fun girly night at the Harvey Nichols Summer Shopping Event, and I though I'd share our evening with you all.
We had never been to any of these events before, although my mum had been invited before, so we didn't really know what the deal was. I was quite excited to see what kind of offers and deals that we could get. We had also arranged to have dinner in the brasserie on the top floor of the store once we had done our shopping as there was also a deal on a meal there. We got there for around quarter to 7 and it was already very busy. There were waiters going round with champagne and all sorts, it was all very exciting.
We had a good wander round the beauty hall to see what was going on, mum made the first purchase of the night from Elemis, she got a Tan Accelerator and a Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal with that she also got a free gift which included a full size Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm and a full size Papaya Enzyme Peel in a wee bag, which was amazing! She had been after the flash balm for a while, so the fact that she got a full size as part of the free gift was an added bonus, she also won a travel size Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm which she loves, so she was a very happy bunny, and she got 15% off!
Mum's Purchases
We then headed to the submit our entry to the holiday prize draw (four nights in Greece, I really want to win), picked up a glass of champagne and then had a look round the pretty shoes, sadly some of the brand such as Louboutin and Jimmy Choo weren't taking part in the promotional offers, which I was a little gutted about as I was hoping I'd be able to find a good deal on some shoes for graduation ball, but sadly I had no luck. It was quite nice just to look round the store though, some of the clothes are absolutely stunning, what I would give to be able to afford some of it! 

We then headed back down to Benefit counter in the beauty hall, as there were a few products I had been after and wanted to make a few purchases. I ended up getting a Gimme Brow, a Big Easy foundation and repurchasing the Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer, which I love, I also got a free make-up bag which I am in need of after my Naked Basics eye-shadow palette exploded in my other one and I can't for the life of me seem to get rid of the black shadow residue which is all over the inside of it. When I was at the counter, the woman actually showed me what the Gimme Brow was like, and explained how to use it, so I am really happy with that purchase. I haven't opened the foundation yet, but I am really excited to try it because I have heard a lot of good things, I also got 15% off!
My Benefit purchases
We then headed to the brasserie for our table. If you remember this is where we went for dinner when my dad turned 50 (post here) so I know it is good, and was really looking forward to our meal! We ordered a glass of prosecco each to start with and then had a week look through the menu.
The menu in the brasserie isn't huge, but the majority of it is so yummy, and it actually took we a wee while to pick what I wanted. I ended up going for a confit duck salad to start which had feta cheese and watermelon in it as well, and it was stunning. I then when for sea bass which came with veg and I order a side of chips with aioli, it was lovely. Mum had chicken liver parfait to start, which was a huge portion, but she loves stuff like that and then she had salmon, both our meals were absolutely stunning, and we were both pretty stuffed after them.
 My Starter
 My Main!
As we were both so stuffed after our mains we didn't have any puddings, and I am normally a big dessert person, however, I decided I wanted a cocktail to have while I picked away at the last few chips I had, and surprise surprise I went for a Mojito, and it was lovely.
 Can you tell I enjoyed it?!
Our meal was so lovely, and its really great that me and mum can do these girly days know I'm a bit older, they are really fun. 
On our way our of the store we had a wee look at the MAC counter, and I ended up making a wee lipstick purchase, I got Cyber, but I didn't get 15% off as MAC weren't taking part in the offer, but it was a purchase I was going to make anyway so I wasn't that bothered. 
What it looks like on
We had such a lovely night, walking round a shop with a glass of champagne in hand is a really fun and novel experience. I think we will definitely be going to one of these events again, even if we hadn't bought anything I think we would have loved it because it was just such a fun experience.
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  1. Beautiful! wishing you a great weekend…
    Kisses from Miami,

  2. fab~


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