Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Forever 21 Haul

Hey Guys!

Recently I went to the massive Forever 21 in Glasgow for a wee shop. I didn't get much, but I thought I would share my finds with you.
Firstly, I got this really cute crop top with a cat on it. Every time we go shopping if there is a cat related item Paige always tries to convince me to get it (apparently, as they crazy cat lady I should own loads of items that have cats on them) normally I just ignore her, but this one I loved because it just thought it was really fun!

I then got some pyjamas, I love the Forever 21 sleepwear, it is really comfy! These ones are very appropriate as they say I love naps on them, and they aren't wrong. I really do love a nap!! They are really soft, and so comfy. At this time of year I prefer short pyjamas as you don't get as hot in them when it is muggy at night, and I have been finding it really muggy recently. Sadly, I couldn't find these online for you guys, but I highly recommend a Forever 21 sleepwear purchase to anyone next time the are in the store.

Pyjama's (similar, similar)

Finally I made a few jewellery purchases, again I am a big fan of the Forever 21 jewellery, I think it's really pretty and it really doesn't cost much. I got two pairs of big earrings, the first being a big pair of gold hoops, I love big hoops at the moment, and I really liked these. I then got these big drop ones with a hoop on the bottom which I just though were a little different! 

Drop Earrings (similar)

I then got two other pieces of jewellery, a contrast chain bracelet which I just liked cause it was quite different, I like the use of the black and gold. I also got a really pretty feather effect arm cuff which I just though was so cool and quite different! I have been after a cuff for a while and this one was pretty perfect for me!

Cuff (similar)

That's all I got, I can go quite over board in Forever 21 but I think I did quite well to curb my spending (which is a first for me). Anything in this selection which you like the look of? Are you a Forever 21 fan? Let me know, as always, I love getting your comments!

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  1. hi when did u purchase thesecond pair of the gold dangle hoop earrings right now they only hav them in silver how did u get the gold ones ?


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