Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Few of my Favourite Things: Online Shops

Hey Guys!

As you have probably worked out, I love to shop, I also love finding new deals and new stores. Recently, I have been doing a lot more online shopping, and finding lots of great things. I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite online shops, maybe a few new ones that you might want to try.
1. Missguided: I am completely in love with this store at the moment, there are so many things I want at the moment, I wish I could afford them all. I had always known about missguided, but if I'm honest I had never been that impressed, however that has completely changed now, and I don't think there is anything on the store I'm not a fan of. I have a couple of things from them, and the quality is good and the price is also pretty good! They have a new collection with Nicole Scherzinger which is also really nice, they know how do to the perfect going out kind of dresses. Another added bonus, at the moment they are doing a 15% student discount!!

My picks from Missguided:
                                    Coat                                                             Dress                                              Nicole x Missguided Crop Top

2. Inlovewithfashion: I love this store purely for all the fun slogan tee's they sell! I have two BeyoncĂ© themed ones and I just think they are so cool. They do have a lot of really pretty stuff as well, and actually quite a lot of celebs have been spotted in some of their pieces. They are really reasonably priced and the quality is pretty good, the two items I have so far have both washed really well and are really comfy! They are also doing a 15% student discount (can you sense a theme).

My Picks from Inlovewithfashion:
               Coco Made Me Do It Slogan Tee                         Trousers                                                                Jumpsuit

3. Boohoo: I have recently re-ignited my love for boohoo. I had shopped with them before, but I hadn't really been impressed with the quality of what I had got. However, after watching a Zoella Boohoo haul video and liked quite a few things she had bought so decided to have a wee noisy. I was really impressed by so much that they had so bought quite a few things, and I was even more impressed when I got them. the quality was actually really good and it was really cheap. I have worn the stuff I bought quite a few times now and it has also been washed a fair few times and it has washed really nicely. I think boohoo is great if you are on a budget because it really isn't that pricey. They do a 10% student discount!!

My Picks from Boohoo:
                                     Bikini                                                       Jeans                                                        Co-ords

4. ASOS: Of course this is in here, I mean who doesn't love ASOS?! I love that there is such a wide range of brands on the site. I do sometimes find it a little daunting to scroll through if you are just wanting a browse just because there is so much on there! I love that they don't charge you for shipping anymore, and it is always secure, they use a separate courier service so that it has to be signed for, which means you know you are going to get it safely.They also do a student discount!

My Picks from ASOS:
                                    Heels                                                Sunglasses                                                           Skort

5. Love Clothing: This is a relatively new find, and I am really loving a lot from here. It is a slightly smaller store, but they do quite a lot of unique pieces. They do a collection of shoes with Jeffrey Campbell and also a collection of Levi shorts, they also sell other brand such as MinkPink and Cheap Monday. I don't think its too expensive either, I am yet to buy anything yet so I don't know what quality is like, but I am really impressed by the store. Sadly, they are the only store in this post who don't do a student discount, but I don't think they are too over priced so it's okay.

My Picks from Love Clothing:
                                       Trousers                                             Dress                                                             Dungarees

So these are my current online store faves, what do you think? Have you bought from any of these before? What are your favourite online shops? Let me know.

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