Friday, 11 April 2014

Dissertation Hand-in Celebrations

Hey Guys!!

So I finished my dissertation woohoo!!! The hand-in date was actually yesterday, and so to celebrate several of us went out for dinner and then joined the rest of the business school (the faculty of Napier we are part of) at our union for drinks.
 Amarone in Edinburgh
I had been to Amarone once before (for drinks at my dad's 50th) but I had never eaten here before. We had a table booked for quarter past 8 on the 5pm menu (which is the set menu, why its called the 5pm menu I have no idea). I got there for the back of 8 and had a raspberry bellini with the girls before we got our table. There were 6 of us in total, it was nice because I hadn't spent much time with some of them in ages and we all started uni together so it was great to catch up.

The set menu meant that we each got two courses for just under £15 which was pretty good. I had foccaccia to start and then mushroom tortellini for main which was really great. We also shared a bottle of white wine between 3 of us and red between the other 3 (I don't drink red, I wish I did like it though). We were there till pretty late just eating and chatting it was nice.
We then headed to the union bar (which is above the Three Sisters Irish bar). I have never been to the union, when I was in first year there was a different union, which was awful it was like sitting in someones front room. However, we got a new one, and I had never been, I knew it was there, just never had a chance to go. The whole place had been booked out for the business school, so when we got there we did recognise quite a few people. We had a few drinks there, but if I'm honest I was a little disappointed with the atmosphere, it felt a bit awkward. We ended up heading to leave at around 1ish, quite a few people were going to the hive (I'm really not a fan at all) but I was just going to head home. However, I bumped into a very merry Zoe on my way out and ended up going to the Bongo Club with a small group. Again, somewhere I had never been. It was pretty cheap as well, only £2 entry with a student card. I was only there for about an hour, I got sleepy and my feet started to hurt, but it was really fun.

I wore:

Shirt: £35 - Topshop
Jeans: £38 - Topshop
Shoes: £10 - Primark

I had a really good night, and I am very glad to be rid of dissertation, I only have 2 exams to face in May and that is my four years of my life over! It is so strange to think how quickly my degree has gone, when I started I didn't think I'd make four years and here I am!!

Are any of you nearing the end of a degree? How does it feel? Let me know
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  1. Hey Joanne!!! OMG! That pic of the three sisters seriously brings back memories. I grew up around Edinburgh and went to high school there. Do they still have a club upstairs!? Good luck for the may exams doll!! Love those jeans btw! x d

    1. The upstairs is now the napier union, its just a bar! Thank you, two exams and finished uni. Btw love your blog.

  2. The moment that you have finished your dissertation is a releive to your brain. It is the time that you can relax and take your put your mind out of dissertation.

    1. It's a great feeling! I get my results this week and I am pretty nervous!! x


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