Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Birthday Money Shopping Haul!

Hey Guys!!

Hope you are all well this Tuesday!! Today I thought I'd share with you what I recently bought with some of my birthday money I got. Many of my older relatives do now just tend to get me money or vouchers as it means I can get exactly what I'm after. I did boringly put most of this money into savings as I need to start saving for being a real adult etc...(I know scary times). I did however make a few online purchases from boohoo.com and inlovewithfashion.com, I also got some Topshop vouchers (It wouldn't be a birthday without getting at least one topshop voucher). The majority of my shopping was done online during study breaks (these were long, I get really distracted), however after finishing my dissertation this weekend, I treated myself to a little Topshop spree.  
I haven't really bought much from boohoo.com before, the occasional thing, but nothing much. However, I did find myself browsing the site during a study break (don't ask me why, it just kind of happened), and I was actually liking quite a lot of the stuff I was seeing. I firstly got this really lovely long sleeve shift dress. 
Dress: £12
What it looks like on
I really like shift dresses, they are so easy to wear and really comfy. I really like the colour of this one, I don't have any similar, but it is still a really easy to wear colour. I also love the neck on this its a little higher than normal, but I love it.
The next dress I got is another shift like dress, with a roll neck.
Dress: £8
What it looks like on
I love this dress, it's easy to wear and really comfy. It's also black, and can you really go wrong with black!! 
Finally, I got this really lovely shirt dress. 
Dress: £25
What it looks like on
I haven't actually worn it yet, but I think it will look great with a pair of tan ankle boots I have. This dress has a waterfall bottom, which I always think is really flattering, this print is also lovely. I can't wait to wear it (I think I'm going to wear it to dinner on Thursday with uni friends to celebrate our dissertation hand in). 

I only picked up one off this site, and it is something I originally wanted when I went to see Beyoncé. It's this jumper.
Jumper: £19.99
What it looks like on
I love this jumper, it is really comfy. It is very similar to the official merchandise one that you can buy from the BeyoncĂ© online store, or if you go see her on tour, however that one is £60 and there is no really difference between the one I've got and the official one. If you don't understand why it says surfboard on it, listen to Drunk in Love, it will make more sense than me trying to explain it. I wear this with leggings or sweats, and was really comfy when I was in the library for long hours. I am becoming an really big fan of this site, the clothes are so cool. 

With my vouchers I bought two things. Firstly, I got this ribbed crop top.
Crop Top: £8
What it looks like on
I love crop tops, I think they are really easy to wear and can be worn with almost anything. Grey is also one of my staple colours, its again really easy to wear and goes with everything. I think this will go really well with my disco pants or denim shorts. 
I also got this bomber jacket.
Jacket: £55
What it looks like on 
I have wanted a bomber jacket for a while, but hadn't seen one I really liked. However, I liked this one because of its simplicity. I think the simple black and white look just makes it a lot easier to wear with anything. I think this will soon become a staple for me, I really love it.
As always, I could have so easily spent lots more in Topshop, but I oddly behaved myself.

That's all I bought with my birthday money, I didn't get too much because as I said I am trying to save for the future, but I am really happy with my purchases as a whole.

What do you guys do with money you get for your birthday? Any of this stuff take your fancy? Let me know.
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