Thursday, 13 March 2014

Spring Essentials!!

Hey Guys!

Can you believe it's March already?! As March traditionally marks the end of winter and the start of spring (although living in Edinburgh often makes you question it) I thought it was time I did my Spring Essentials for you all.
As it gets 'warmer' (as I said, being from Edinburgh warmth is a novelty for us) and brighter I tend to get a bit brighter with my lips. I do wear a lot of reds all year round, but at this time of year I start wearing more pinks and oranges on my lips. My first lipstick of choice is always this light pastel pink called Tease from Topshop's make-up collection.
Topshop Tease Lipstick (No longer sold, there other lipsticks are here)

I also would tend to go for oranges like morange from Mac.

I also like to slowly become more tanned looking in spring, as although I can deal with being pale in winter, as it gets later i the year and people around me go on holidays and get real tans, i often feel the need to be a little more bronzed. I love the Nars Laguna Bronzer for a touch more bronze to my face (I don't really like to put much fake tan on my face).

I do sometimes use the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning for my face when I do tan as it is very light on the face and leaves more of a glow which develops over time. I normally use this after I have been away so I already have a natural tan, I am not a big fan of putting fake tan on my face.
Clarins Liquid Bronze £19 from Boots

In terms of tanning my body, I have quite sensitive, so finding a self tanner can be quite tricky. However, The St Moriz mouse tanner actually doesn't bother my skin and I think it leaves a really nice tan.
St Moriz Fake Tan £4.99 from Boots

If I don't have time to tan properly with the St Moritz, and need an instant boost of my tan, I use the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs and although it says legs on it you can use it on your whole body and it is really good. The bottle describes it as body make-up rather than fake tan, and it does have quite a foundation-like texture, but it doesn't stain your clothes and is really easy to wash off.

In terms of nail polish, I tend to wear a lot more pastels on my nails in spring colours like Mint Candy Apple by Essie.
Mint Candy Apple by Essie £7.99 in Boots
What it looks like on.

I also love nudes such as Porchester Square from Nails Inc. Porchester Square also looks great with the feather effect polish by Nails Inc over the top, it gives the nude a bit more colour but not too much.
 Edinburgh Feathers by Nails Inc £5 (the novelty that its called Edinburgh and I live in Edinburgh is not lost on me)
What they look like on together

In terms of clothes, as it slowly gets later into the year I slowly start to reduce the number of layers I am wearing. It is still kinda chilly though, so I do still like to have a cosy jacket. I got this really cute fur-lined denim jacket for Christmas. I got it a size bigger than I would normally go for in jackets because I wanted it to be quite baggy and also so I could fit hoodies and jumpers underneath it.
Denim Jacket: £58 Topshop

I really love this jacket, the denim is so soft and it is just so easy to wear.

I have recently been wearing my converse and my vans a lot more. As they are canvas trainers they can make your feet quite chilly in winter, but as the weather gets a bit warmer they are a lot more comfortable to wear.
 Converse: £47.99 Office

I have been loving the frill topped socks that Topshop have been selling. They are £3.50 each but you often are included in the 3 for £8, which I love. They have so many colours and patterns and I just love them.
Socks: £3.50 each Topshop

As it get warmer I slowly start to bare my arms, and that means a lot of tank tops, vests and baggy t-shirts.
Tank Top and T-shirt: Both River Island, but bought a while ago. Shop similar for both here.
Tank Top: £10 Topshop

I do like tank tops and t-shirts to be baggy, it's just what I'm most comfortable in. I just love a tank top because they can be worn with so many different things.

I also love chiffon material tops and blouses, I do wear them all year round, but they are so easy to wear in the winter. I love this really lovely one from Topshop.
How I wore this top last, with my American Apparel disco pants. On a night out with Laura

Although it has long sleeves and has an almost crop/slit thing at the front of it. Sadly, I can't for the life of me find this on the topshop website, they must no longer stock it (if anyone finds it leave the link in the comments). I wear it with disco pants or printed leggings.

Here are a few of my random essentials for spring.
First of all St Patrick's Day/my birthday make the essentials because they are both on the same day and I always have a fun night/day on my birthday. This year I am really embracing the fact that my birthday is St Patrick's Day and heading to one of the Irish bars, Malones, in Edinburgh. I can't wait!!

Secondly, library days in uni will soon become a much needed essential as my dissertation hand in date will be fast approaching (10th April to be exact, although I don't comfortably like to think about it)!! As a result another essential for spring will be a lot of chocolate to cheer me up from my study slumps, and wine to help me forget the fact  I have deadlines (yes, I realise how much of an alcoholic that makes me sound, but hey I think it will help me through). Pretty much as of the 18th of March I will become a recluse and a university hermit!! Yay for me!!
 The uni library (my second home at the moment)
Wine and chocolate will be needed!

I have a been loving the Special K  Salt and Vinegar Cracker Crisps as a healthier option to just regular crisps. I don't think you are supposed to eat a whole box in one sitting, but I can't stop myself eating them once I've started.
Special K Cracker Crisps

Those are my Spring essentials, because its still cold in Edinburgh I do still wear a lot of the clothes that were in my Winter essentials. What are your Spring essentials? Let me know.
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