Thursday, 27 March 2014


Hey Guys!!

I feel like I have been to loads of concerts recently, last week Paige, Sean (my brother) and me all went to see OneRepublic at the O2 Academy in Glasgow.
It was quite a last minute plan, as we originally didn't have tickets, and I was 'babysitting' Sean (I say babysitting, but he's 14 he just can't really fend for himself for long periods of time yet, so it was more just sitting in the house and feeding him). However, Paige was really desperate to go and suggested that all 3 of us go. Sean seemed really enthusiastic at the idea and said yes to the idea. We quickly searched around and managed to get 3 tickets for the concert. It was Sean's first concert without parents, so I think he was pretty excited about it. 

We started the evening off by getting food at the Glasgow Fort, which is a shopping complex just outside of Glasgow and it also has quite a few restaurants, we went for Frankie & Benny's. We took our time eating, as we knew the band wouldn't be on till at least 9. Sean may be 14, but he has always looked very young for his age and he also is quite little, which meant we were offered the kids menu at the restaurant. Now, normally Sean doesn't order from the kids menu, so originally he was looking at my menu, however he did open the kids one, and he saw exactly what he wanted. I wasn't complaining because kids menu is a lot cheaper, and he seemed to be happy enough to eat from it.

We then headed to the venue, we didn't see the support but it was Mikky Ekko and apparently he was very good. When we got there Sean was pretty quickly spotted by one of the stewards at the venue because of his height. He was really nice to Sean and checked that he was 1. old enough to be in the section we were in (he was) and 2. he told him that he would save a spot on the stairs for him when the band started so he could see everything, which was really nice of him. I sadly didn't get his name, but he was really helpful and made sure Sean got the full benefit of the concert. 
The band were really good, I didn't really know what to expect but I was really impressed with how good they were. Even songs I didn't know I managed to pick the words up pretty quickly. They even played my favourite song Come Home which made me really happy.
 Sean in his OneRepublic top he got at the concert
I think Sean really enjoyed himself to, as I said this was his first proper concert without proper 'adults' because I'm not really an adult, no matter what my age says! He was singing along to the songs he knew, and he was picking up lyrics too. He was dancing away and he really loved If I Lose Myself because it was and i quote 'basey' (not that I know what that means). I'd definitely take him to another concert, I mean we got so many perks haha! 
Paige also really enjoyed herself too, which I wasn't surprised about as they are one of her favourite bands ever. I think I have a new found love for OneRepublic, and would definitely want to see them again.

Have you guys ever been to a concert with a younger sibling? How did you find it? Are you a OneRepublic fan? Let me know.
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