Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Recent Haul....(It's a biggie)

Hey guys,

So it's haul time again! I decided I'd do a mixed haul from the last month. Remember, I am still a student so I make the most of all the 10% discounts I can get. If you are a student make the most of the discounts, also allows you to get your student discount on loads of brands online.
There's loads of stuff in this month haul, from clothes to beauty buys, and even a technology buy too.
A haul Blair Waldorf would be proud of!! (Man, I wish I could shop like her)

My first few items are beauty products. I am a huge MAC lover, and every time I go into a MAC store or a concession stand I do sometimes have to resist the urge to buy everything. Normally I get eye shadows for my palette which I am slowly filling up, or I'm getting lipstick. I didn't buy any eye shadow this time, but I did buy a lipstick. I got one called Retro which is a browny nude, which isn't my normal colour but I felt like a change as I normally go for reds or oranges. It is one of the Satin finishes and is really pigmented. Since I bought it I have actually worn it most days as I thinks its more of an every day lip colour for me, and I save my brights for nights out. I also got one of the Extra Dimension blushes in the colour Pleasure Model. It is a sort of bronzey blush, I'd say its more peachy toned and I just though it would look really nice with my Nars Laguna bronzer and some heavy smokey eyes.
My MAC Purchases
My next lot of purchases is from surprise surprise Topshop. I have been in desperate need for a new cross body bag to take on nights out or when I only need a little bag rather than my normal big one. I had my last one for almost 2 years to the day when it pretty much died on me, and the reason I hadn't wanted to change it is because I am super fussy when it comes to night-out bags. I have to be able to carry a pair of flat shoes in my bag at all times, because I can last in heels most of a night but there comes a point when they need to come off and I have had too many painful or cold experiences going bare-foot that I try to be as prepared as I possible can and have flats handy for the walk to the chippy (or in my case the subway which is open till 3 on Fridays and Saturdays). I also like them to be relatively easy to open and close and light-weight (I am a clumsy drunk), and to be honest until this shopping trip nothing had caught my eye.  However, one did finally catch my eye in Topshop (I realised that was a bit of a ramble, but I felt it was needed). I picked up a this really cute snake skin effect orange satchel which I just love. I don't wear a lot of bright colours, but I feel that sort of makes it easier to have brighter accessories like this one.

I have also needed a new purse, but you aren't supposed to buy your own purse (I forget why, I think its bad luck or something). So me and Paige decided that we'd buy each other a much needed new purse and 'gift' them to each other (we made an agreement to spend the same amount). I chose this croc effect candy floss pink one (incidentally, Paige went for the same one but in grey). It has so much room with two zip pockets on either side, two sides of card holders, and the front pocket on it. It is really sturdy, but also pretty soft which makes it really easy to carry around. It also fits nicely in my satchel next to my flats. 
Purse - £16

I finally picked up this really cute flannel cropped shirt. Now I love a crop, I love a shirt, I love checks and I love flannel so really this is an ideal shirt for me.

The next two things come from a brand I have never bought from, Pull & Bear. I like a good comfy jumper and saw that they had these simple sweatshirt style jumpers in loads of different colours, and couldn't resist. It is just black and has the Pull & Bear logo on it in white, but it is super comfortable and actually can be worn quite casually or dressed up a little.
logo sweatshirt - £17.99

I also got these super cute trousers. I am a big fan of comfy trousers and printer trousers, pretty much anything that looks kind of like pyjamas but isn't I'm a fan of. These are just so cute and go really nicely with my converse, and they were only £4.99 bargain, I will definitely be purchasing from Pull & Bear again.
Printed Trouser - £4.99 (in-store)

My next purchase is a bit of a luxury purchase, its from Selfridges, and it is these beautiful rose gold Marc by Mac Jacobs earrings.

Yep, they are cats. No, I'm not sorry. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady. Again, not sorry. In all honesty though, I don't normally buy really expensive jewellery, I'm content with the Forever 21 stuff, but these were just so cute, I couldn't help treating myself. My mum bought me a really lovely Marc by Marc Jacobs rose gold necklace and ring set back in August and I though these would go really nicely with them. Since I bought them I think I've gone 2 days without wearing them, so I am really glad I did spend that little extra for them. I know they are going to last me a really long time.

My next two items are from Victoria Secret, and no they aren't underwear, they are cosy sweats. I love Victoria Secret sweats and now have 3 pairs.
Sweatpants - £36.50 (instore)
 I also got a myself a cosy hoodie.
Hoodie - £39.50 (instore)

The next purchase is something I've wanted for a while, but never got round to buying until quite recently. I finally got myself a pair of Converse High Tops. I have two pairs of the original low ones, but I have wanted the high-tops for a while. I really like converse, they are comfy and easy to wear, although don't wear them in the snow you'll lose a toe trust me! (I have never lost a toe, but they really aren't shoes for wearing in heavy rain or snow).
Converse High-Tops - £47.99

Now these retail in Office for £47.99, but I didn't pay that oh no! I was smart and had saved a Visa gift card which I got for Christmas for them. It meant that on top of my student discount I only paid £14, how much or a bargain is that, well done Joanne!!

My final purchase is an early birthday present for myself, I actually bought it this week. It is this Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera.
Instax Mini 8 In White - £69.98

It is like a new polaroid camera. It instantly prints the pictures you take onto credit card sized photo's. I have always loved taking photos, I may not be very good at it, but I like taking pictures with friends, on holidays, on nights-out, even on lazy day's. I love being able to sit an look through photos and remember all the good times (yep, I'm soppy). I saw this camera a wee while ago, and loved the sound of it but had to wait a till a few more reviews of it came out. I finally decided to buy it this week. I can't wait to properly use it, hopefully I'll take some photos with it that will stay with me the rest of my life.

That's is really. Everything I have bought in the last month or so. I probably won't buy anything to extravagant in the next month or two, because after my birthday on the 17th of March I'm pretty much becoming a recluse until I finish my dissertation, so won't need anything but sweats, pyjama's, the occasional bottle of wine to help me with my stress and lots of chocolate. So really, that's me done my big spend till May haha.

Have you guys bought any fun stuff recently? Let me know :)!
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