Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Music I'm loving at the moment..

Hey Guys!

Thought I'd share some of the albums and songs I've been really loving over the last wee while.

1. BEYONCÉ by Beyoncé
If you didn't already know Beyoncé dropped her album without telling anyone or doing any press for it and it is amazing!!
Favourite Song: It changes weekly, but at the moment it has to be Rocket.

2. The Gift EP by Pia Mia
This girl is only 17 but has an amazing voice! She only has this little EP at the moment which was released as a free download just before Christmas, but she is set to be on the soundtrack for the Divergent movie.
Favourite Song: I really like the whole EP, there isn't a bad song on it but my favourite still has to be her cover of Drake's Hold On, We're Going Home.

3. Red by Taylor Swift
This shouldn't really come as a surprise especially since I saw her last week. I love this album and I love her!
Favourite Song: Treacherous

4. AM by Arctic Monkeys
I have always been an Arctic Monkeys fan, but I will be honest I didn't like this album until quite recently. However, it has grown on me and I'm now a big fan.
Favourite Song: Do I Wanna Know?

5. Bad Blood by Bastille
I am a huge fan of this band and this album, and since it came out I have had it on repeat. They are just super talented. I also love every time the do the radio 1 live lounge because their cover is always on point!
Favourite song: I can't pick all of them!! (yes I know that's cheating)

6. Halcyon/Halcyon Days by Ellie Goulding
I love Ellie, and this album has been one of my go to albums since the first one came out over a year ago. Halcyon Days is essentially Halcyon plus a few extra songs!
Favourite Song: Dead in the Water or I Know You Care.

7. Midnight Memories by One Direction
I think this is a really good feel good album! I am a big One Direction fan though!
Favourite song: Happily

8. Feel the Love by Rudimental 
This song has been one of my favourite songs for a very long time. It can just put you in a really good mood.
9. Once Upon a Dream by Lana Del Rey
 This is from the song track for the Maleficent movie which is coming out later this year. It is a cover of the original Disney version and it is a much darker and haunting version. I love Lana's voice and I think this song is just stunning.
10. Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin
I think she has a beautiful voice and this song is just so lovely and calming.
That's pretty much what I've been listening to for at least the past month, though I will be honest I have had Beyoncé on repeat for the last week or so because I'm going to see her on Friday!!! SO EXCITED!!

What music are you loving at the moment? Let me know.
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