Saturday, 22 February 2014

All Hail Queen Bey!!!

Hi Guys,

How is everyone? I'm fabby because yesterday Me, Paige and her cousin Robyn went to see Beyoncé in Glasgow!
I again (like at Taylor) didn't take a great deal of photos I only had my phone with me as well so they are kinda poor quality, but hey I have my memories. I didn't feel like I really needed to take photos though.
Beyoncé was playing at Glasgow's new venue the SSE Hydro. I had never been to the Hydro since it had been opened so I was excited to see what it was like. I have driven past it before on trips to Glasgow, and although it looks very impressive from the outside, always thought it has looked quite small in comparison to some of the other much bigger concert venues around the UK. However, I was completely wrong about its size, it is much bigger than I expected. It is built in a sort of coliseum type layout with seating which goes all the was round. We were seated but from where we were we could see the standing section to which was really big. I was really impressed by the arena.
We drove through as we didn't want to have to rely on trains or buses to get us all back. It means that you can also make sure we see the whole show rather than leaving 5 minutes early so you don't miss the train. The arena has its own multi-story car park which is really handy because it even gives you the option for a 'pre-paid' option if you are going to a concert, where you pay for the parking as soon as you get there and it is only £7 which I though was pretty good. All in all I really rate the Hydro. 

The doors opened at half 6, so we wanted to give ourselves plenty time to get through and have dinner, so I got to Paige's house, which is about 25 minutes away depending on traffic, for the back of 3 giving us enough time to get to Robyn who is about another 15 minutes away for about quarter to 4. We are only about 40 minutes from Glasgow, but we had to account for traffic at the Hydro and coming into Glasgow, we also had to account for how busy it would be in the centre of Glasgow for restaurants etc, so we decided to stop at the Glasgow Fort ,which is only about 15 minutes form the Hydro, to have dinner as there are a lot of restaurants there. We went to TGI's and it was lovely, we all just had simple meals but we didn't have to wait long for a table and it broke the journey up quite nicely. 
Stopping for dinner there meant that we got to the car park at the Hydro for the back of half 6, which was good timing for us, especially because me and Paige are notoriously bad for being late.
Being that early meant that we could get merchandise and drinks and find our seats quite easily, with not too many crowds. 
Tour Programme and my Ticket
The tee I got and the really cool bag all your merch came in!!
I didn't think the merchandise was too expensive considering it was Beyoncé. The majority of the tops were only £25 and there was nothing on sale for any more than £70 which considering at Taylor there were jackets for £150 I was surprised.  I didn't get one (I was hugely tempted) but they were also selling light up headbands similar to the one Beyoncé wears in the XO video, which I thought was a really nice touch.
Being as early as we were meant that we got to see the support act who was a french DJ, and I did feel sorry for him, because while he was there to sort of hype the audience up, people weren't really engaging with him because he wasn't Beyoncé. I do think he was needed because other wise it would have been a really really long wait before anything happened, but I did feel for him.
Beyoncé was scheduled to come on at 9, but when the support act is coming off at 5 to you kinda expected her to be on late, and she didn't actually come one till around 10 to 10. 
Now I'm not normally one to be lost for words, but from the moment she appeared on the stage I was speechless, I stood for the first 10 minutes or so just staring at her in awe! She really puts on a good show and her and all her dancers and the band give 100% you can tell they are wanting to give you a good show. She opened with Run the World and then went straight into Flawless and it was just unreal!!
The whole show was just hit after hit I don't think there was a song that I wasn't singing along to. It is quite hard to pick a favourite moment from such an outstanding show, I did really love that she sang Heaven from the new album because it is such a beautiful song and I will admit I did get a little emotional when she sang it (I didn't full on cry though). I also loved Irreplaceable because the whole first verse was sang by the audience and she just let us sing which was so good!
One part that really did impress me is when she did the chair routine from the Partition Video on stage, she looked incredible! (those were the best photos I could get).

All in all it was an amazing show and I honestly think it will be hard to top it!! Beyoncé really does put on an incredible show, one that you aren't likely to forget after you've seen it!

Have you guys seen Beyoncé before? What did you think? Let me know.
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