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Topshop and Primark Haul

Hey Guys,

So surprise surprise I recently went shopping and got really excited about some of the really nice things I got, so thought I'd share! I will mention that this haul is from 2 shopping trips not one, but I wanted to show you guys what I got, I went to both Primark and my second home (Topshop) both have a lot of really nice stuff at the moment. (I will also mention that some of the photos are a bit poor as my camera is on its last legs....but hey). 

So as you guys probably know, Topshop is my all time favourite shop, 99.9% of the time I can't fault their stuff and most of my friends have stopped asking me where I got my clothes if the like it cause its usually from here. So its not really a shocker that when I go shopping it is normally my first stop, and at the moment I am in love with everything and I'm actually really excited to go to London in a few weeks to go to Oxford Street and indulge in the Topshop there, because it is AMAZING! (We are going down to see Taylor Swift not purely for Topshop, but hey might as well pay it a visit too).
Topshop Oxford Street
Anyway back to recent purchases, my first purchase was actually an online one, its a Navy Boiler Suit which was £55 (I didn't pay the retail price as I get the 10% student discount, which if you are a student make the most of!). I know when you think boiler suit, you think painter and decorator, but I just saw it online and thought it looked great. 
It is really comfy and as soon as I tried it on I was just thinking of what I could wear it with. I also got a little excited because it kinda reminded of Katniss' Reaping outfit from Catching Fire, which was amazingly cute....if you haven't seen that movie then the reference is lost on you, but there is a picture.
My next purchase was from instore, which is just as well because I can't find it anywhere on the website for you guys :(! It is this really simple but lovely jersey crop top, it was £15. 
I wear a lot of crop tops and normally they are pretty loose and lightweight, like this one. It is really soft and the simple stripes make it really easy to wear with anything. Mine is currently in the was because I wore it out on Friday with my disco pants, but I think this will quickly become a staple of my wardrobe. If you can get your hands on it then do, its great!!
Next I got this lovely Gingham print skort (skirt/short thing, it doesn't actually call them this on the website, but I'd say skort, if not purely cause it's a funny word) for £34, I bought these at the same time as I bought the crop top above.
I really like these cause even though the print is quite bold, its not too bold if that makes sense. I had wanted a skort for ages, after the Zara original, but I had never seen one I really liked, but this is so cute.
I then got this really simple grey tank top for £10 the other day. Tank tops are great for all the time, and I wear them a lot because they are so comfortable and simple.
I was trying all my buys on the other night and thought I'd try this with my skort, and I thought it went really well together (tell me what you think) I just liked that it didn't look to over the top and it could so easily be dressed up with heels or dressed down with tights and sneakers. I'm all about clothes that can be worn not only all year round, but also for any occasion/event because one makes getting ready for nights out etc easier but it means that you can try new combinations out and see what works and doesn't. I think you can make something seem like a completely different item of clothing depending on what you wear it with.
Next I picked up this really cute tartan cropped jumper for £29. I have said this before, but tartan is great at the moment, I have quite a few tartan things now. 
I love a jumper, 1 because I hate being cold with a passion and 2 because you can't really go wrong with a jumper. I think this will look really nice with a pair of the Rihanna for River Island jeans that I got when her collection was first launched last year (I really hope she does that again, because a lot of it was really nice) the jeans are just a simple blue denim and are cuffed at the bottom and aren't to skinny, they are kinda like 'mom' jeans but not quite. Anyway I think that's what I'll team it with, but I think it could pretty much go with anything, even the dress from Urban Outfitters I mentioned in my Winter essentials post from last year. 
Finally in Topshop I picked up these adorable black shoes for £32.
These just remind me of primary school, but I think they are so cute. I had seen them for a while and kinda wanted to pick them up, but I think I needed convincing. I was in town the other week and a girl walked past me wearing a pair of these with tights and a simple skater dress on and I just loved how they looked with the outfit and how cute the girls outfit looked, so that kinda convinced me (if I'm honest, even if I hadn't seen this girl I probably would have still bought them, I lack willpower and restraint - something I'm not really sorry for because all that matters is that I am happy). Anyway I am very glad I did buy them they are cute as hell!

I have a weird relationship with Primark, I either want the whole shop or I am really disappointed in everything, there is no in between for me. Recently have been finding myself really like a large majority of there clothes so have been more willing to go in and have a look. Unfortunately this time round I was a little disappointed by quite a lot of the stock. I did see a few cute things which I picked up, but I was underwhelmed by Primark this time.
I first picked up this really simple baseball style top for £7.
Top: £7
I really like this purely because it is really comfortable. I have worn it quite a few times since I bought it and I think its great. I love a baggy tee so this is perfect for me, I like baggy tee's purely because I think they are so flattering no matter what shape or size you are. I am not the most body confident person so generally I'm not a body con fan, most of my casual tee's are baggy or loose, even some of my fancy tops and crops are because I don't feel like I need to have tight fitting clothes too feel good about myself. Don't get me wrong I love leggings and skinny jeans, but I generally do prefer a top which doesn't cling to parts of my body which I don't always feel happy about.
I then went to the accessories and got some hair clips for using when i need to section my hair off when I am curling it (exciting I know), I also got my favourite Primark item, which I buy pretty much every time I am in the shop because you can never have enough pairs, of course I'm talking about the £3.50 super cosy tights.
Tights: £3.50
If you have never owned a pair of these in your life then where have you been?! I mentioned these in my Winter Essentials, so won't go into too much detail but these are the best tights for winter because they really do keep you warm! 
I also got a really simple grey scarf for £4. Scarves are great, they keep you that extra bit warmer when a jacket isn't enough, and they can be a great accessory too. I was drawn to this scarf simple because it is really soft, it is really simple, which means I can wear it with anything, but the softness really does make it the nicest scarf to wear ever, because it gives you that added comfort. 
Scarf: £4
Primark does great pj's and I'm not gonna lie this is the only section in the shop which I am never disappointed. I just think that they just know what we girls like in a jammie! I bought two simple long sleeved ribbed tops for £5 each and two pairs of pj leggings for £6 and £5. the leggings were a fun cat print pair and a sort of 'christmassy' (I will wear these all year round) printed pair.
Pj's: All Pictured £5
The ones in the above picture are the 'christmasy' ones. I like long sleeved pj tops, particularly in winter because they just keep you warm and cosy. I have a few of these ones in different colours and I have to say I really like them, they actually wash really well and a really soft.
Pj Bottoms: £6
I will admit it, I am a crazy cat lady (I don't own a cat, which does make it worse) but as soon as I saw these I had to have them, I mean they are just adorable!! I have recently really started to like legging pj's a lot more, and I don't really know why but I like them.

And that's all I got! I know it seems like I went really over the top, but I will reiterate that this is over more than 1 shopping trip. Hope you guys liked some of the stuff as much as I did, Let me know in the comments if you guys bought any of it as well or if you have anything you've bought recently that you wanna share, and if you'd wanna see more similar posts.
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