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My TV faves

Hi Guys,

So its 2014, yay happy new year! however, January can be quite a dull month with everyone attempting to stick to new years resolutions or being poor after spending lots over the Christmas period, so it can be a pretty dull month, that's why this is when I like to get really into new TV programmes or rewatch old favourites. I thought I'd share some of my favourites, to see if they inspired anyone else.
My first absolute favourite at the moment has to be Revenge, it's currently in its 3rd season and every episode keeps getting better and better, i am well and truly hooked! If you have never heard about it, it is about this woman, Emily Thorn, who is out to get revenge on the Graysons, who framed her dad for a crime he didn't commit and had him murdered while he was in prison. It does sound a little silly, but it is so intense and really easy to get into. Its set in the Hamptons and all the characters are really rich, but really easy to relate to. The season has just started back on E4 in the UK or ABC in America.
My favourite character has to be Emily, the lead, or Nolan. Emily is a really good lead and her story lines are so good, you never know whether or not she'll beat the Graysons, but you are always routing for her. Nolan is Emily's best friend and is pretty much the sassiest guy ever. I just love him, I am really routing for Emily and Nolan to end up related or something, just because they have such a great friendship. If I'm honest, even the Graysons are likable baddies, they are so mean and nasty that you kinda love them! I totally recommend the show! 

My next favourite has actually just finished, but I'm sure it will still be on the BBC iplayer or something similar. It is Sherlock, and this season has been really hyped because it was off the air for so long and the 2nd season ended on such a cliffhanger. I've always been a Sherlock Holmes fan from the books to the big blockbuster movie, but I have to say this adaptation is by far my favourite.
I really like that this adaptation has been set in current times, and worked the stories into more modern examples. Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock is so good, he is just a brilliant actor and the chemistry between him and Martin Freeman seems really genuine making that friendship a really likable one. I will say that I am a bit gutted it is only 3 episode seasons, because you get really into it and before you know it it's finished. However, I can't fault it other than that, it always keeps you guessing.

This next one is a programme I have only just got into, its American Horror Story. This has always interested me, it is a mini series that is also in its 3rd season. It has a different theme each season, so you don't have to watch the previous seasons to get into it, this season the theme is Coven, so witches. As I had never watched the previous seasons I didn't really know what to expect, however from the start it has been really good. It set in modern day as well, and is about young witches in a coven realising their powers etc. I love it!
American Horror Story

I have to say my favourite character is definitely Madison, who's played by Emma Roberts. She is absolutely hilarious and so good, I love her! They stories are really good to, most of the episodes are left on a cliff hanger so you are always kept guessing. I am really intrigued not only to how the rest of the season ends, but also really interested to go back and watch the previous seasons. I think I may have to start from the beginning to see what they are like. 

I always like to rewatch old TV, its the same with movies, once I find something I like I do tend to to rewatch millions of times. Recently I have got really into Made in Chelsea again. For people who don't know what it is, its a 'reality' show about these posh people who live in Chelsea in London. Its so addictive, and I've been watching it on repeat on 4od for weeks, as its currently not on the telly at the moment. You get really involved in these people lives and I often find myself shouting at my laptop because of what's going on. As much as everyone hates him, I actually quite like Spencer, who is pretty much the biggest arse ever, who cheats on all his girlfriends, but as much as i want to hate him I really can't and i don't know why, I think he is so funny.
Made In Chelsea

I can't mention rewatching TV without mentioning my all time favourite, Gossip Girl. I have watched this about a million times and I still can't get enough. It does sadly not exist anymore as it finished last year, but all 6 seasons are on Netflix woohoo! I do have all the box sets too, but still Netflix is sometimes easier, especially cause my DVD player is broken at the moment. If you've never seen Gossip Girl, 1. where have you been and 2. its pretty much the best programme ever. It's set in New York's Upper East Side and tells the story of these really rich people whose entire social life is publicised on this website called Gossip Girl, and although that's an awful explanation, its just brilliant! It starts with them at high school and see's them go to college (well I'm unsure how much they actually went to college, or if any of the graduated) and grow up. I am a huge Chuck and Blair fan, the are pretty much a super couple, and the two best individual characters as well. I could go on forever about the whole programme, but I think it would be better to just say watch it, you won't regret it! 
Gossip Girl

That's pretty much all my telly picks, it sounds like I really don't get out that much, but I do trust me haha, I just do quite enjoy just relaxing after I've been working or doing uni work, cause you can just sort of forget about the stress and just relax. 

What kind of programmes do you like? Anyone got any suggestions for me? Hope everyone is having a great January! 
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