Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Parents Got Me Drunk...

Hey Guys!

Two posts in one week, aren't you lucky! In all seriousness though, I thought I'd do a post which is a bit more about me and what I get up to rather than just a post related to clothes etc. 

Recently my dad turned the big 50 and so naturally, two weekends worth of celebrations have followed. My dad isn't a big party fan so he was a little resistant to celebrate it in any way, but both me and my mum had a word and he agreed to smaller celebrations rather than one big party as we had originally wanted to do for him.
His actual birthday was the 18th of January, sadly my little brother Sean was going away on a school ski trip on that day so it kinda made it a bit difficult to make plans for that weekend, so we organised a 'adults' dinner with my parents and two family friends (I say adults, but I think I was the most grown up out of the whole group, which worries me). Having this kind of dinner meant that Sean didn't miss out on anything. 
We had a really lovely evening actually, an it was nice to be treated like an adult rather than one of the kids for once. 
We started off at a cocktail bar called Juniper which is in the Royal British Hotel on Princes Street in Edinburgh. None of us had actually ever been there, so didn't know what to expect, but it was really nice.
It was the kind of place where you don't go all the time (cause it was pricey) but go for special occasions. The drinks were really good as well, I am a really big fan of cocktails and the choice was so big it took me ages to decide what I wanted, I went for a classic Cosmo in the end and it was delicious!!
We then headed to the brasserie at Harvey Nichols for dinner, which was so lovely! The restaurant is on the top floor of the shop and the view is breathtaking (the food was good to, but I'd happily go just to stare out the window)!
My parents often go here for dinner as they really like it, but this was my first time here, I had been to the Yo! Sushi bar in the store and the Chocolate Lounge (which is amazing), but never to the actual restaurant, but I had quite high expectations because my parents had always spoke so highly of it. I wasn't disappointed, the food was really good, I had 3 courses! To start I had a crab croquet, which was a little small, but yummy, I then had Haggis which not everyone likes, but I have no idea why, its beautiful. Finally, my favourite course, pudding, I had a mango cheesecake and a glass a baileys, and I was a very happy lady! Throughout the meal we had had wine for the table, so we were all feeling very merry.
We ended up heading to Amarone on the corner of George Street for a few more drinks and by this point my mother decided that dancing round her handbag in the middle of a bar was a good idea, and if I had been 100% sober I think I would have been mortified, but I was surprisingly not, in fact I was just entertained. The next day it became very clear that I cannot keep up with my mum and dad, which surprised me because my mum is 5" on the dot and wine goes straight to her head, but hey they have years on me.

My dad also went for a curry with his younger brother (my uncle) which resulted in them ending up at Le Monde for drinks after. I had been out with friends, and on my way home thought I would go and check on them (just in case it had already go to messy and my dad need me to take him home), I think this is potentially the worst mistake I have ever made!! I ended up doing jagerbombs and tequila shots with my dad and my uncle.
Now that would have been fine, a few drinks with my dad isn't a crime, if they both hadn't decided they wanted to go for and I quote 'a boogie'! I tried and tried to fight this, as I did not really want to go clubbing with my dad, its just not what you do. To cut a long story short, at quarter to 3 on a Friday night I was dragging my dad off the dance floor in Why Not (a club in Edinburgh, for those who don't know - I may never be able to show my face in there again), I spent the night laughing at the dad dancing and chatting to the staff and leaving them to it, but I felt a bit of a spoon because I didn't have any other friends (yep I'm that cool). I was quite embarrassed at the time, but when I think about it as long as he had fun that's all that mattered and he did, so I'm happy.
Finally we had a big family dinner with my Nana, Grandpa, Uncle and Cousins this past Sunday. This meant that Sean was back from his trip by this point and he could join in the festivities. My Nana made my dad this adorable photo album of him pretty much, and some of the photos are priceless! 
We always have fun when the Kilday clan get together so it was great fun, my dad cooked, yep he cooked his own birthday tea, but to be honest I don't think he'd have wanted me or mum doing it, he's the chef in our house. It was just lovely, my Nana had also made a big 50 chocolate birthday cake which came with big indoor sparklers, and that was great!
I think all in all my dad had a pretty great 50th, nothing over the top just right for him. I think his favourite parts were purely just embarrassing me, he thinks its hilarious with that he was in a club with his daughter, but I think I'd be more worried if I wasn't there. I'm never doing that again, next time my dad is out for drinks with my uncle I am defiantly just avoiding them! That was probably my fault, I'll admit.

All in all my family is a little bit mental, but I like them like that (most of the time)! If you'd want more posts like this let me know.
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  1. Loved reading this and seeing the photos...Once or twice (a very long time ago) I got drunk in the company of your Dad. He might remember one 'party' at your Nana and Grandpas house in Newington back in the days when he and I worked together in Top Man. I was the only one 'old enough' to drink spirits. I was very, very ill that night. Apart from that, your post brought back some great memories.

    It's maybe 25 years since I lost touch with your mum and dad, and ended up here as I was 'contact hopping' on LinkedIn and saw your profile pic and realised who you were, you do look like a mix of your mum and dad (in a good way !)

    Apart from that, your post brought back some great memories, do let them know I said Hello.

    1. Thats so funny! I have let them know, and keep looking on Linkedin, they are both there somewhere


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