Monday, 30 December 2013

What I got for Christmas!

Hi Guys,

So thought I'd share all the things I got from friends and family this Christmas! I feel so lucky to have gotten such lovely gifts, and some of them are too good not to sure with you.

Every year we get our stockings put in our rooms by 'santa' and these are opened first, our stockings are normally small token gifts and chocolate, but there will always be at least one compulsory pair of socks, pants and pack of biscuits. This year  I got a really fun pair of reindeer slipper socks in my stocking which I wore all day.
The other larger gifts, are put round the tree and opened a bit later, we aren't exactly morning people in my house, so I wasn't up till after half 10. My main Christmas present this year was a ticket to go see Beyonce on the 20th February in Glasgow, I knew I was getting this before Christmas because the tickets went on sale a few weeks before Christmas and my friend Paige managed to get them, so I asked my mum and dad to pay for the ticket for my Christmas. I am so excited for this, and to be honest would have been more than happy to have just that for Christmas!! My mum wanted to make part of the whole Beyonce thing a surprise so on Christmas day I opened the 'Life is but a dream' DVD by Beyonce with a wee post-it on the front saying 'come see me in the new year on mum and dad', which I thought was a lovely touch as they didn't have to do that.

Other than Beyonce there was only one other gift I knew I was getting was a lovely denim jacket which I picked from Topshop, it is fur lined and so lovely. Other than that my presents were a surprise, which is the way it has been since I was little, my parents get us to write a list and then don't tell us what they are getting us from the list, I think it kinda keeps Christmas that extra special as we are all too old for Santa but we still like the magical element of Christmas. I like that we never quite know what we are getting especially because I often forget what i actually put on my list and therefore am always happy with what I get.

I got a lot of lovely beauty products, including the bumble and bumble surf shampoo and conditioner which I have wanted for ages, it came with loads of testers too. I also got a Soap and Glory set which included a turbie towel, the scrub of your life and loads of other lovely things. finally I got a Aussie hair care set which smelt amazing without even opening any of the products.
Staying on the beauty and haircare theme I also got a new hair dryer which I have needed for about 6 months or so, it no longer feels like someone lightly blowing my hair to dry it, but a super powerful amazing thing (I couldn't think of a better description...sorry). I also got the Babyliss Perfect Curl (or I as like to call it the torture device....not because its painful, it just looks scary), it is AMAZING!!! I have only used it a couple of times, but it really does curl your hair perfectly, and is really easy to use. I was expecting some complicated instructions, but it was actually super simple, I am a big fan!!
That's the majority of my gifts, it doesn't seem like a lot, but I am so happy with everything. My brother got me a lovely pair of vans and other family members got me money or vouchers because they find that easier, and I prefer that than having to pretend I like something which is hideous or not my taste.

Christmas in our house is very relaxed, it is just my parents, brother, myself and then my Granny and Grandad. We had a really lovely dinner, cooked by my dad as always (this isn't strange to me as he does all the cooking in our family, but some people sound surprised when I say my dad does the cooking on Christmas), we then played board games and had a great evening. I said in my last post that I wasn't feeling that festive in the run up to Christmas and i have to admit through the whole Christmas period I really didn't feel like it was Christmas time, it was very strange. I did love having my family around and spending time with them on the day, but I was underwhelmed by Christmas in general this year.

However, I am hugely looking forward to what 2014 holds, it is gearing up to be a pretty memorable year for all the right reasons. I am more than happy that 2013 is ending, I haven't had the greatest year but things are looking up and so I am just aiming to put 2013 behind me and move on to bigger and better things!

What did you guys get for Christmas? Was the period good for everyone?
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