Monday, 16 December 2013

Countdown to Christmas

Hey Guys,

So i have officially finished first semester of 4th year! Yay!! I could not be happier today knowing that at least for a few weeks I can relax a bit without having to worry about deadlines and essays.

This means I can finally start to think about Christmas! The last month I really haven't been feeling very christmassy at all, I think its because of all the uni work I've had to do. My favourite part of Christmas has always been the picking and decorating the Christmas tree. I get quite fussy when it comes to making sure the Christmas tree is perfect, we have a really big bay window in our living room which means that the tree can't be too small, or thin otherwise the tree looks lost in the window. In previous years we have had really big Christmas trees, this year I was a little disappointed with my choice in tree, it is a little smaller than I had hoped for, but I made sure it was decorated nicely and it looks pretty good now.
I'm still not overly happy with its height, but at least it looks pretty.

Edinburgh at Christmas time just gets so much prettier than it already is. In the centre a Ferris wheel and Christmas market are set up and the whole city looks so lovely. This week me and my friend Paige are going down to the Christmas market this week to have a little wonder and just get a bit of Christmas spirit. There is always fun food, and mulled cider or wine which comes in a really fun mug that you have the option to keep. I still have mine from last year.
This is also when I have to start my Christmas shopping - yeah I realise I'm a bit late to this party- I am not very good at this though , because I never know what to get everyone and often end up buying myself more gifts than anyone else. I am aiming to get as much done with my brother this week, but I don't know how successful I'll be.

I am already looking to New Years as well. There is a street party in Edinburgh's Princes Street which has stages with bands and DJ's and at midnight the fireworks display is amazing! I am going with a few friends to see in the new year in town, and then who knows where the night will take me. the last few New Years I have been inside bar or clubs so have missed the fireworks. I am excited to see the fireworks because they are one of my favourite things ever! I just think they are so pretty and fun.

I think these holidays will hopefully be relatively relaxed, but at the same time as I want that I know that I will need to keep working on my dissertation to a certain extent. However, my priority for the most part is to relax and catch up with old friends.

How is everyone else spending the holiday seasons? Let me know
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